'Mayhem': Samara Weaving's amazing blood-drenched performance makes her worthy of 'modern scream queen' title

'Mayhem': Samara Weaving's amazing blood-drenched performance makes her worthy of 'modern scream queen' title
Samara Weaving (Shudder)

In the recent past, Samara Weaving has soared the popularity ladder with one brilliant performance after the other — be it in her horror comedy 'Ready or Not' or the 40's version of 'Hollywood' as reimagined by Ryan Murphy. Weaving has clearly won hearts everywhere with her exceptional talents and it's no surprise that social media is going full stir crazy about her simply for existing.

It all began with the new Shudder horror titled 'Mayhem' where Weaving plays a nail-gun yielding damsel in distress turned femme fatale — much like her 'Ready or Not' avatar, where a wedding ritual saw her survive a deadly game of in-laws trying to kill her by sunrise. Weaving's firm grounding as a horror movie icon has been long established, and Twitter is taking the time once again to acknowledge how she is the phenomenal "final girl" these days.

Final girl refers to the last remaining character — typically a girl — in almost all slasher and horror movies, the finest example of which happens to be Neve Campbells Sidney from the 'Scream' franchise. Weaving's avatar is no less, as fans have now unanimously come out on the social media platform to express how "Mayhem was a pleasantly fun watch. Samara Weaving truly does nail it (pun intended) and I seriously think she should be in every horror movie that comes out." It's not an isolated opinion as another user shared: "Is there any actor killing it as much as Samara Weaving has been lately in horror?"

Samara Weaving drenched in blood, again, in 'Ready or Not' (IMDb)

Commending all her deafening screams and raging laughter in the film — and several of her other performances, a fan noted: "Samara Weaving has one of the best maniacal laughs in the business." Another user noted how "Samara Weaving is the modern scream queen," which hasn't been a secret ever since she starred in the Netflix coming of age horror 'Babysitter'.

Perhaps this love for Weaving brought enough fans together, chanting her name and touting her in unison on social media enough for a fan to share: "Totally unrelated to everything happening in the world but it’s cool to see Samara Weaving trending simply because she’s cool as f**k." However, the magic Weaving has managed to weave is not just towards people attracted to women, as a particular user shared on Twitter: "Does Samara Weaving make any other gay guys feel sexually confused? Just me?"

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