'Help Sai' trends as missing Ohio trans Black woman tweets she is 'out of harms way', Internet dubs it a 'stunt'

The 'Find Sai' trend has been replaced by 'Help Sai' after Sai's Twitter handle shared several posts to convince people to call off the search for her

                            'Help Sai' trends as missing Ohio trans Black woman tweets she is 'out of harms way', Internet dubs it a 'stunt'
Sai tweeted she is safe and asked for privacy after collecting more than $80,000 through multiple GoFundMe campaigns but her whereabouts are unknown (GoFundme)

In the most recent chapter of the missing Ohio transsexual Black woman, Sai, the #findsai Twitter trend has been replaced by the #helpsai Twitter trend. This was after Sai's Twitter handle posted several tweets to convince people to call off the search for her. The first tweet in the tweet thread said: "hello. i am currently in a safe location, sound and alone, please stop spreading misinformation and please please do not spread anymore photos of me".

She continued: "these past few days have been very traumatic for me and i don't owe anyone an explanation as to what i've been through this week but i will say for now i am out of harms way. i was not being held captive, however i was placed in a dangerous situation that had activated my fight or flight hence the hysterical 3 second clip that was taken and ran with. what i posted on the 16th was completely out of instinct involving a domestic situation that had gone wrong. i would never lie or intentionally mislead anyone especially not complete strangers on the internet about something so life threatening and personal to me. i don't want nor need this sort of attention. i appreciate the awareness but please please remove any threads/photos/info about this as it is doing more harm than good and spikes my anxiety even more." In two more tweets, she apologized for not updating sooner and said people should respect her privacy. 


Where is Sai? 'Find Sai' trends as Ohio trans Black woman disappears after describing kidnapper in video

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However, Twitter users refused to believe that the tweets came from the missing Sai. One user said: "maybe I’m looking too far into this but her previous tweets were on iPhone and her new tweet is on the web app", to which another replied: "it's either:- 1. they are at home, on a computer or a laptop 2. it's the abductor". Another tweet showed a diagram about the Twitter usage of the handle, saying: "Their Twitter analysis said they only tweet from iphone so seeing this being tweeted from web app doesn't sit right with me". 



Earlier, it had been reported that handles of Twitter and Instagram claiming to be Sai's 'roommate' had said she had been found and was flying back home. However, there was no confirmation from Sai or the Columbus or Cincinnati police about this.

One tweet appraised those following the story of the missing Sai on social media about the situation, saying: "Please continue to spread information about sai' s kidnapping. Sai's "flights" were never real; #helpsai Photos of them will be under this tweet to help identify them for anyone in or near the area."


Another account, also claiming to be Sai's friend, had also posted about face timing her and had linked to the tweets on Sai's Twitter handle saying she was safe and wanted to be left alone. In one tweet, she had written, "yall need to READ TWEETS. i said i facetimed her last night and she said she was fine and to stop searching for her. SHE HAS NOT RESPONDED TO ANY OF MY MESSAGES OR FACETIME CALLS ALL OF TODAY HENCE THE CONFUSION AND CONCERN"


While some Twitter users said they should keep tweeting about Sai till there was an official confirmation from the police that she is safe, others thought it was a scam to get money from gullible netizens through the GoFundMe pages set up for Sai. "You guys are so gullible, this was a stunt, they wanted to get money for their gofundme, and it worked. The problem is that it went viral. The moment they did the video and posted it, their gofundme started to gain money, what a coincidence," said one tweet, and also pointed out that five separate gofundme accounts had been set up for Sai. The gofundme campaigns have collected over $80,000 dollars. 



There have been no updates from the police about locating Sai.

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