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'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' Episode 10 marks a new beginning for Elsie and a tragic end for Peter

Elsie finally comes to learn that Peter's unconditional affection towards her is driven by the guilt of doing something, which he'll never be forgiven for
Elsie (Facebook Watch)
Elsie (Facebook Watch)

Spoilers for 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' Episode 10

Although the previous episodes witness a flip in Peter's (Ryan Kwanten) character and showed the other side to his persona, we couldn't overlook the heinous crimes he's committed. 

While a dazed Elsie (Jordan Alexander) sought comfort in Peter momentarily and chose to leave with him after her fallout with Amelia, little did she know a visit to the hotel which holds the last of her memories with her mother would lead to a revelation that would change her life forever. 

In Episode 10 of 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones', Elsie finally come to learn that Peter's unconditional affection towards her is driven by the guilt of doing something, which he’ll never be forgiven for.

However, what appeals the most about the last episode is the fact that Elsie couldn't look at Peter as a criminal despite his actions causing immense damage to her life and taking everything she ever had. The final encounter between Peter and Elsie beautiful peels the layers of their relationship, which is strangely beautiful.

While he died a monster in everybody else’s eyes, to Elsie he’ll always remain a person who cared the most about her like no one else ever did or maybe never will. 

Meanwhile, the last episode also redefines the relationship Elsie share with Amelia Harper (Juliette Lewis)  when the latter finally find answers to umpteenth questions that bothered her for years. 

We can also see a major development in Elsie's character which remained uncertain all along, as she finds a place for herself in Wendy's family and Amelia's new life. 

The Facebook Watch series has upped its game by introducing strong female characters who take the center stage throughout and did complete justice to their roles.

Overall, the dark anthology series offers many intrigues throughout its course, thus keeping your attention intact from the start till the very end.

While the exceptionally good cast has done a  great job in bringing the characters to life, the enthralling plotline reveals just the right amount of suspense with each passing episode, to keep you glued to the story until its conclusion. 

All 10 episodes of ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ are available to stream on Facebook Watch.