What happened to Sabrina Quesada at Clubhouse mansion? TikToker, 19, says she 'hit rock bottom' after overworking

What happened to Sabrina Quesada at Clubhouse mansion? TikToker, 19, says she 'hit rock bottom' after overworking
Sabrina Quesada was the first to air allegations against CMG boss in a YouTube video in February (Instagram/sabriquesada)

TikTok influencers who stayed rent-free in $42,000-a-month 'content mansions' have alleged that the influencer who employed, and deed that they were probed about their menstrual cycle dates.

Amir Ben-Yohanan, the 48-year-old CEO of Clubhouse Media Group (CMG), which is now being called 'Not A Content House' (NACH), is accused of abusing teenagers as young as 15, yelling at them and making misogynistic remarks while they were staying at the company's opulent mansions. Sabrina Quesada, 19, was the first to air these allegations in a YouTube video in February 2021. 


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What happened to Sabrina Quesada?

TikTok star Sabrina Quesada described her experience in the Clubhouse as "like manipulating teenage girls." "There was this one time where we all literally sitting around the table like, 'Our mental health is so insanely bad. Like you were overworking us,' and he replies with, 'You guys are probably on your period'," she said in the video.

Quesada, who left NACH in February 2021, said in a TikTok room that creator collective Top Talent House manager Nour Khodr treated the creators “very well and has a good heart, he was in no way involved in our mental health deteriorating while we were there.” Khodr was accused by 16-year-old Rachel Brockman in her Instagram stories, of grooming, exploitation of minors, theft and providing underage girls with drugs and alcohol. TTH merged with NACH in 2020.


Quesada claimed that Rachel “doesn’t even know the half of it, she was never in NACH.” However, she admitted that she “hit rock bottom” while living at NACH. 

Former NACH members Cynthia Parker, Anna Shumate, Sabrina Quesada and Devyn Winkler posted a video hours after the accusations emerged online, outlining their experience with Clubhouse Media Group's management team. "Amir is pretty much the sole purpose of why we’re leaving because he does not know how to business teenage girls or speak to them,” Parker said, according to Centennial Beauty.


The girls claim that during their time at NACH, there were many red flags regarding management, including being evicted twice, being viewed as property, having their work abused, and being called lazy by management because "they were all on their periods".

Many male creators have also expressed concerns about the Clubhouse management team, including Hype House manager Thomas Petrou, who called Amir and his associates "criminals" and accused them of "actively trying to ruin my life for 6 months" with cyberattacks and threats, the report said.

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