#RylandApologizeToWayV trends as WayV fans slam YouTuber Ryland Adams for trashing C-pop group: 'Who asked you?'

#RylandApologizeToWayV trends as WayV fans slam YouTuber Ryland Adams for trashing C-pop group: 'Who asked you?'
Ryland Adams, WayV (Getty Images)

YouTubers Ryland Adams and fiancé Shane Dawson are facing heat on Twitter after the former allegedly trashed a video by C-pop group WayV. The material in question is the apocalyptic music video 'Turn Back Time' by WayV and the single features on their debut album 'Awaken the World'. According to an angry Twitter user, Ryland Adams harshly criticized WayV for their visual and music in a reaction video on Instagram Live, saying it is "trash" and "not worthy of being called music."

Ryland Adams is an American YouTuber, writer, producer, and actor. He became an on-air host and producer for Clevver, an online pop culture media company, in 2014. He left Clevver in 2017, citing questionable business practices. In 2016, Adams entered into a relationship with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, with whom he frequently collaborates. Adams is primarily known for his YouTube vlogs about his life.

Fans aren't letting his alleged criticism slide and an ongoing barrage of Adams hate is trending on Twitter. "The jealousy!! they’ve got more talent in their pinky than you do in your entire body," said a fan while another wrote, "They work hard and u say tr4sh?! u r tr4sh!" One fan said, "Don’t know if ya’ll playing but literally no one asked for his opinion so he should have kept WayV out of his mouth either way." Another fan wrote, "WHO TF ARE U EVEN TO SAY THAT? And dont be a bi*** and come at us like 'i was giving constructive criticism' like some youtubers boo." Another added, "You have the fu****g nerve to be talking about anyone when you live off your boyfriend's youtube money and ads."

Fans are also including Dawson in their comments, mostly calling him out as a pedophile and racist. "Ryland literally married a racist pedo who looks like he showers once a year and hate on wayv? pick a struggle," said a fan. Another added, "so not only is he married to a racist pedo but now he’s coming for WayV?!" The reason Dawson is being called a pedophile is due to the controversy related to old comments that he made about pedophilia. According to Billboard, he made a strange remark which he later said was a joke about a baby he saw in a google search. In his apology, he said, “I am sorry that I used to make really shitty fu****g jokes... Back in the day… I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth.”

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