Eerie similarity between 'Rust' storyline and accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins

'Irony being: Rust movie plot was about accidental killing and its consequences,' a Twitter user said

                            Eerie similarity between 'Rust' storyline and accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins
Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust (Twitter)

The tragic accident that killed promising cinematographer Halyna Hutchins has left a huge scar on her family and friends and now also actor Alec Baldwin. Following the fatal shooting, the star was reportedly "hysterical and absolutely inconsolable for hours." The star hasn't been seen in public since he was snapped consoling Hutchins' family on October 23 in a hotel in Santa Fe. As the probe into the accident continues, new details are emerging every day.

Eagle-eyed users on social media pointed out an ironic similarity between the storyline of 'Rust' and the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins. The match is particularly around the character of Alec Baldwin, who happened to be the one to accidentally fire a prop gun at the Ukrainian cinematographer. Earlier, fans had dug out a 2017 tweet by Baldwin where he criticized a Southern California police officer's 'wrongful killing'.


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"I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone," the SNL host, who is known for his political activism, had tweeted on September 22, 2017. He was commentating on how a Huntington Beach police officer fatally shot a young man during a struggle in front of a 7-Eleven store. It was later determined Huntington Beach Police Officer Eric Esparza "acted unreasonably" when he shot Dillan Tabares seven times outside the establishment, according to the Los Angeles Times.

However, the latest similarity between 'Rust' storyline and Halyna Hutchins' death is far too eerie to dismiss. Set in the backdrop of Kansas in the 1880s, the movie revolves around the character of Harland Rust, played by Baldwin. An outlaw from the Old West, Rust rescues his teenage grandson Lucas (Brady Noon) and escapes from the law. Rust is sentenced to death for ACCIDENTALLY killing a person, but he decides to be on the run with his grandchildren after their parents die. The film proceeds with a fugitive Rust trying to outrun U.S. Marsal Wood Helm (Jensen Ackles) and bounty hunter Fenton Lang (Travis Fimmel). 

Ironic with the plot, Alec Baldwin accidentally killed the cinematographer of 'Rust', Halyna Hutchins, and also injured director Joel Saluza when his prop gun misfired. He was filming a scene where he was supposed to shoot at the camera. The production members reportedly did not do a proper gun inspection before handing the firearm to the actor, which was supposed to be a "cold gun" (not loaded). However, the accidental shot directly hit Hutchins and brushed past director Souza who was crouching behind her. 

A Twitter user pointed out the irony, stating, "Right, it's on the assistant director that yelled "cold gun!" (signaling prop gun, not live ammo) and handed it to Alec Baldwin. Irony being: Rust movie plot was about accidental killing and its consequences."

Another user wrote, "The plot of the film Mr. Baldwin was shooting, “Rust,” hinges on an accidental killing and its aftermath." What a tragic irony. Situations like this are usually preceded by the sentence "Oh, don't be silly. That could never happen!" #RustMovie #Baldwin #HalynaHutchins."

"If the filming of a movie about an accidental killing was interrupted by an accidental killing that would be Irony. If it was called 'Rust' it would be extra Irony. (Fe2O3·nH2O)," a user tweeted, pulling a pun. 




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