Did Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner break up? Rumors fly after magazine article

The Astroworld tragedy led to breakup rumors about Travis and Kylie, especially after a magazine article claimed the couple weren't together anymore

                            Did Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner break up? Rumors fly after magazine article
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner attend the Travis Scott: "Look Mom I Can Fly" Los Angeles Premiere (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix)

Despite the claims of gossip magazines, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may still be a couple. As they get ready for their second baby together, here's what sparked the breakup rumors. 

Kylie and Travis' relationship has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride, fans and followers would agree. After the Astroworld tragedy, many thought this relationship over. In early November, the couple along with Stormi had a photoshoot with W Magazine. But there was talk about the issue being pulled due to the negative publicity around Travis' catastrophic concert event


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The author of the W Magazine article, Lynn Hirschberg, said, "Travis and Kylie seemed very comfortable under the sheets, but even though they will soon have two children together — their daughter, Stormi, is 3 — they are not a couple, and haven't been in two years. They're the modern family!"

The couple has not been averse to posting PDA moments like this one on the ocassion of Father's Day.


Or this one below with Scott's hands all over Kylie — which makes the claims in W magazine article a bit suspect. So are the pair parents or just co-parenting?


While the W article claimed that the pair hadn't been together in the past two years, it was revealed that this was a false claim. The news about the breakup of Stormi's parents was not true at all and W Magazine had to scramble desperately to try get their hands on the hard copies that had already been mailed.

Unfortunately for them, this issue did see the day of light in certain homes. The cover of this issue read, "As they expect their second child together, former couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are creating their own definition of family."

This W Magazine author very boldy compared Kylie to her sisters in the article by saying that Kylie is following the footsteps of her sisters and having babies of men she isn't neccessarily married to. 


The pair recently shot a sixties-style intimate photoshoot that was leaked on Instagram. It features the Kylie Cosmetics owner in a silk lace negligee in bed with the rapper, Travis Scott. Neither Kylie nor Travis have ever directly agreed or denied the details of their love life. Whether they are parents or co-parents is something only the two of them really know. 

That said, in an interview Kylie did express her desire to walk down the aisle one day. She said, "I'm still only 24. And Travis and I are happy where we are. But who knows?" She also added, "I'm pregnant now and when I wear a wedding dress, I don't want to be pregnant." TMZ disputed all claims and sent out the statement that they are legitimate love birds who are together at the moment which means they are romantically involved and also presumably exclusive. 


A follower jokingly said that this rookie mistake may because of an intern.


To clear out any doubts and disputes, the couple left sneaky hints. Kylie shared some PDA images of her and Travis before she went dark on social media. Similarly, Travis gave a shout out in his acceptance speech saying, "wifey, I love you." Following the deaths and injuries from Travis' concert the two reportedly have been inseparable and leaning on each other.

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