Rumer Willis proud of mother Demi Moore of not being scared of showing her 'vulnerability' in her tell-all memoir

Rumer Willis proud of mother Demi Moore of not being scared of showing her 'vulnerability' in her tell-all memoir
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Actress Rumer Willis recently praised her mother Demi Moore for being brutally honest in her memoir, 'Inside Out,' released last month, in which the 56-year-old star opened up about her failed marriages, her miscarriage and her battle with alcoholism. 

Appearing on 'The Talk' as a co-host on Tuesday,  the 31-year-old actress, who is the daughter of Moore and her second husband, Bruce Willis, said that she fully supported her mother for not holding back from making even the darkest details of her life public. "I’m so proud of her vulnerability," she said about Moore's book.

Rumer went on to add that the 'Indecent Proposal' actress has not only been an inspiration for her personally but a "beacon of strength" for women in the movie industry for decades. "I think so many women have watched her, and just as her daughters watch her, as... this kind of leader... and I think, what I really respect about her is that she is never the victim in her stories," she said.

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Moore has, in her tell-all memoir, not held back from blaming herself when it came to certain failures in her life, namely, the miscarriage she suffered in her marriage with actor Ashton Kutcher, which lasted for eight years. She said that it was wrong for her to forget about the family she already had and instead focus on creating a new one. 

"I can't even bring fully to words how lost and desperate, confused... I really lost sight of everything that was right in front of me which is the family I had. The weight that it put on Ashton, it's kind of a natural thing to pull back when somebody's clinging too tight," Moore wrote. 

Rumer praised her mum for not only being honest about the highs and lows of her life but also taking accountability for it. "She takes responsibility, and mind you, this is her perspective, her story, and she’s the first one to say that," said the 'Dancing with the Stars' alum. 

She added that through her book, Moore's "allowing herself to show everyone that you can go through some really difficult, hard things, and you can still be someone who is thriving, and taking accountability, and just being a strong survivor." 

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