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'What teachers wear should not be the focus': School teacher slammed for wearing 'attention-seeking' clothes HITS BACK at critics

Parents slammed Roxsana Diaz's clothes and demanded she be fired from the school, arguing that her figure was 'distracting' students
Elementary school teacher Roxsana Diaz, who was slammed for wearing tight 'attention-seeking' clothes, has 980K followers on Instagram (@toyboxdollz/Instagram)
Elementary school teacher Roxsana Diaz, who was slammed for wearing tight 'attention-seeking' clothes, has 980K followers on Instagram (@toyboxdollz/Instagram)

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY: After elementary school teacher Roxsana Diaz was brutally slammed for wearing tight clothing with tags like "desperate" and "attention-seeking", the art teacher responded to the criticism by saying, “Teachers are often bullied [for their looks] by the administration, parents, other teachers, and in higher grades, the students. What teachers are wearing should not be the focus. The focus should be on the kids,” as per New York Post.

Parents demanded that Diaz, whose Instagram account @toyboxdollz has 980K followers, be fired from the school, according to GHLinks. Parents argued that her figure was distracting to students. The Pennsauken Public School art teacher hit back at critics during an Instagram Live on August 25, “The mothers from the county and community for the school that I work for are some of my biggest supporters," as quoted by Revolt. She said that “majority, not all, majority of the people that I see defending me on comments are women. Believe it or not, a lot of women got my back. I would say people are just hating." She told people, who left comments suggesting that her students, ranging between the age of 3 and 5 would be concerned with her body, that "no kid is sitting in my classroom thinking that stuff. What are you talking about?"


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Aside from teaching, Diaz said she wanted to start a non-profit organization to facilitate youth art therapy. She said, "I’m so overwhelmed with all the positivity that is coming out of all this nonsense that I cannot be upset. I can’t be mad… I’m receiving so much positive feedback. I am so happy. I am still a teacher. I am still at work. I’m still living in my truth. I’m still highly favored."

Diaz, who has found a new job at a different school teaching first-graders, stressed that “[Parents should] want someone teaching your children that will love and protect your children as if they were their own. I am an artist and an influencer as well as a teacher,” as reported by New York Post.


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Patrice Brown,33, who was dubbed as "#TeacherBae" and became viral in 2016, was fired for wearing skintight dresses and hip-hugging leggings. She told New York Post, "I’d always go to work and take pictures of myself in the classroom setting, showing off how much I love my profession and looking beautiful while teaching kids."

Madi Dew, 23, who is a second-grade teacher, said that she and her fellow educators should be able to wear whatever makes them feel “cute and confident.” "I don’t think our clothes need to be nitpicked so much, especially when there’s a teacher shortage," said Dew.