Roxanne Pallett 'exaggerated' her pain from stock car crash to get into 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Organizers of the stock car race have claimed that Roxanne 'hadn't hurt herself' as severely and that the accident was just a 'stepping stone.'

                            Roxanne Pallett 'exaggerated' her pain from stock car crash to get into 'Celebrity Big Brother'

It looks like Roxanne Pallett's list of woes is neverending. In a recent update, she has been accused of exaggerating her pain during a car crash over the summer; just to gain 'publicity' so she would get a chance to be on 'Celebrity Big Brother.' Despite the former 'Emmerdale' actress claiming she ‘lost consciousness’ and 'was drifting away,' a recent video of the accident shows a rather low-speed collision.

The 35-year-old had insisted she was 'lucky' to have got out of the accident with just two sprained wrists. She had to be airlifted to the hospital, following the smash during a stock car race day in June. Organizers of the race, however, have claimed that she 'hadn't hurt herself' as severely as she made it look like, and they even alleged that she used the accident as a 'stepping stone' to amp up her profile. These accusations come shortly after Roxanne found herself in the middle of yet another scandal after claiming her 'Celebrity Big Brother' co-star Ryan Thomas was a 'woman-beater' who 'punched' her during their playfight.


Edd Pannett, whose firm organized the day at Hunmanby Raceway in York, spoke about Roxanne's accident to The Sun. He said: "I was first on the scene. I didn't run over because I knew she hadn't hurt herself. When I got there, she was saying, "I can't feel my legs, I can't feel my arms, my neck's hurting, my back's hurting, my head's hurting. "She went through the whole lot. I feel we were used as a stepping stone for her to get to other things, and get publicity before going on 'Big Brother.'"

Even first-aider Lynsey Pannett, who is about to marry Edd's son, alleged she knew there was 'nothing wrong' with Roxanne right after the initial assessment. In a new video obtained by The Sun, Roxanne can be seen doing approximately 24mph, and the car seems to have sustained minimal damage. 

Roxanne's representatives told MailOnline: "Roxanne has never confirmed the speed she was traveling at when the crash occurred, it may have been reported, but she never confirmed it. It would have been impossible for her to know her speed, as she was crashing. The only qualified and crucially impartial people present to assess Roxanne's condition were the paramedics, who made the decision to airlift her to hospital."


They also added: "At the time of discussions and at the time of the race, Roxanne was not booked or in discussions for 'Celebrity Big Brother.' There is evidence to support this which the Sun have been offered."

Speaking about the crash herself back in July, Roxanne claimed she had 'never felt pain like it' and claimed that she could feel her brain 'rattling.' "I had this numbed, blocked up feeling in my head like there was water in my head like my brain had rattled. I couldn’t really hear much, I couldn’t feel much either," she told Good Morning Britain.  "[My co-host] Ben was relaying messages from [my boyfriend] Lee to try and keep me awake because I just wanted to go to sleep. The minute I woke up I knew it wasn’t good. I think that’s why they airlifted me because I couldn’t feel my legs and my neck and my head. I’ve never felt pain like it."

With two wrist supports on her arms, the star still looked shaken as she confessed taking a lot of pain medication on the TV interview. "It’s something you never expect to happen to you. It’s just a bit of a blur still to be honest. I’m so dosed up on painkillers, I’m almost grateful to feel this numb. I’m really lucky, I’ve been lucky," she added. 



Right after the accident, she was airlifted to the hospital and taken home 24 hours later by her fiance, Lee Walton. Speaking about the incident, she also added how she got trolled by fans of stock car racing for the minor injuries she suffered - something that she found unbelievable in terms of their lack of compassion. 'I’ve had some really negative comments on social media that’s been really upsetting from the stock car racing community almost lacking compassion. They were almost disappointed that I’d been airlifted and only come out of it with some internal bruising and sprained wrist."

She added: "I’ve got to also point out that sometimes injuries can be invisible. My head doesn’t feel right, I can barely stretch my ribs and back are so sore. There’s people everyday walking around with injuries and disabilities that are invisible to the eye and people need to remember that."