Has Roxanne Pallet gone into hiding? Former 'Emmerdale' actress heads back to Yorkshire with fiance

Roxanne Pallet, 35, was seen being comforted by fiance Lee Walton outside their Yorkshire home after scandals about her falsely accusing Ryan Thomas of 'punching' her broke out.

                            Has Roxanne Pallet gone into hiding? Former 'Emmerdale' actress heads back to Yorkshire with fiance

Roxanne Pallett's list of woes keeps escalating; her scandalous exit from 'Celebrity Big Brother' house and then allegations of exaggerating pain after a stock car crash. The former 'Emmerdale' star, it seems has finally decided to step away from the spotlight and take a break. She was recently spotted back home in Yorkshire with her fiance, Lee Walton. While this sudden move comes out of nowhere, it doesn't really come as a shock because of the way her image has been controversial to the public eye.

The 35-year-old was seen being comforted by Lee outside their home - as images obtained by The Sun. She's believed to have gone into hiding, perhaps because of the blatant social media and on-screen backlash she suffered owing to her very outrageous behavior on the show, 'Celebrity Big Brother.' Could this be it for Pallett?


Pallett is still continuing to deal with the backlash she suffered from accusing her 'Big Brother' housemate, and 'Coronation Street' star Ryan Thomas of hitting her. She claimed that Thomas "punched her several times like a boxer" while in the house, and these accusations came despite the fact that the two were play fighting. However, once the footage of the fight was seen by her, she admitted that she was wrong and had apologized. 

After being announced the winner of 'CBB' 2018, Thomas shared that he has forgiven Pallett for her uncalled for accusations. "If she wants forgiveness and it makes her feel better I'll give it to her," he shared when host Emma Willis asked him about whether he would forgive her or not. But that doesn't cancel out the hoard of allegations Pallett received from her former co-stars and housemates alike, who had gone to the limits of calling her out as a compulsive liar for accusing Thomas. 



But that isn't the only scandal revolving around her as she was recently also accused of 'exaggerating' her level of pain from a stock car crash just to amp her profile and pave her way into 'Celebrity Big Brother.' Edd Pannett, whose firm organized the day at Hunmanby Raceway in York, spoke about Roxanne's accident to The Sun.

He said: "I was first on the scene. I didn't run over because I knew she hadn't hurt herself. When I got there, she was saying, "I can't feel my legs, I can't feel my arms, my neck's hurting, my back's hurting, my head's hurting. "She went through the whole lot. I feel we were used as a stepping stone for her to get to other things, and get publicity before going on 'Big Brother.'"

So maybe Pallett really is reconsidering all the lack of authenticity she has put up for the public eye and deciding to take some time off the spotlight by escaping to her hometown. Whether she is going into hiding or not is not clear, but if celebrity PR experts are to be believed, the Big Brother scandal could lead to her losing up to £100k in acting deals and endorsements.