Who is Roxanne Luckey? Matt Gaetz’s fiancee's estranged sister calls him ‘pedophile’ on TikTok

Roxanne Luckey takes to social network to slam Flordia Rep Matt Gaetz and calls him 'a master manupilator' and recounts how Gaetz tried to set her up

                            Who is Roxanne Luckey? Matt Gaetz’s fiancee's estranged sister calls him ‘pedophile’ on TikTok
Roxanne Luckey and Matt Gaetz (LinkedIn/ Graeme Jennings/Getty Images)

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz is currently facing a federal investigation over allegations of sex crimes. Gaetz has long denied the allegations, dubbed them as a political witch hunt, and refused to step down. Social media has since been convinced that Gaetz is guilty, and now the calls are likely to gain further steam thanks to Gaetz's future sister-in-law. In July, Roxanne Luckey has been uploading quite a lot of TikTok videos slamming Gaetz, and even called him "weird and creepy".

In April, we talked about how Gaetz was reportedly planning for a future out of political office by working with media organizations like Newsmax and Fox News. That is assuming he isn't found guilty, but still forced to resign from Congress. If he is found guilty, Gaetz faces up to 30 years in prison under current laws. Many on social media have been convinced he will be, after several texts, emails, letters and more have been leaked tying Gaetz to child sex trafficking. In April, we also reported how Gaetz allegedly showed off the nudes of women he slept with to fellow lawmakers. 


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The damning leaks and reports have put Gaetz in a tough spot, adding to the pressure on him for supporting Donald Trump. The pressure has only increased as it now appears to be coming from within his (future) family in the form of Roxanne. Gaetz's fiancee has defended her future spouse, but that hasn't stopped Roxanne from continuously attacking Gaetz. Here's everything we know about Roxanne, and her allegations against the GOP lawmaker. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz and his girlfriend Ginger Luckey during the 'Save America Summit' at the Trump National Doral golf resort on April 9, 2021, in Doral, Florida (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Who is Roxanne Luckey?

The 20-year-old is the sister of Gaetz's fiancee Ginger Luckey. She currently lives in Newport Beach, California. According to her LinkedIn profile, Roxanne is currently pursuing a BA in psychology from Pepperdine University and will graduate in 2022. Alongside her education, Roxanne is working as a sales assistant at Rip Curl in Huntington Beach, California. She's also had a gig as a hostess in 2017 at Ruby's Diner at Corona del Mar in California. 

Roxanne's resume also has two stints in politics, with one at the White House. Between June and August 2020, she worked as an intern at the Office of Presidential Personnel. Before that, she worked as a campaign intern and precinct captain for the House of Representatives between January and November 2018. However, it appears those two experiences have left a bitter taste. "As someone who has personally experienced a ton of creepy old politician men hitting on me when I was underage, and experiencing sexual assault at that age by people of power, it’s very disheartening," she said in one video. Roxanne also hinted that there's "much more" to the Gaetz story, saying in another video, "There is so much more to the story and about what I know about Matt Gaetz. It is definitely a serious situation." Roxanne gave her followers some insight into what that entails, by recounting an interaction with Gaetz and how he allegedly attempted to set her up with a much older man. 

A screenshot of a TikTok video posted by Roxanne Luckey. (TikTok)

Roxanne-Gaetz relationship

According to Roxanne, Gaetz tried to set her up with a friend of his last summer, when he first began dating Ginger. Reportedly, Gaetz wanted Roxanne to go out with a friend who was divorced and had a child. She did not name the person but said he was "creepy" and made her feel uncomfortable, even after she rejected his advances. "Sorry about what I said, I just wanted to get Matt off my back," the man said according to Roxanne. Talking about the incident she also called Gaetz a pedophile.

Roxanne then confronted Gaetz about the setup during thanksgiving dinner, when he lost his cool. "He just immediately got so defensive and started yelling at me and my mom. He called me a narcissist, just was a thousand percent gaslighting me — went full lawyer, ‘I don’t have to listen to you, I don’t have to answer your questions'," she said in one video. She added, "Someone who is innocent shouldn’t be getting so defensive, and literally being a grown man and yelling at a 20-year-old girl is just beyond me." 

It wasn't the only time the two have had a tense relationship. Reportedly, when Roxanne was working at the White House, she heard "through the grapevine" that Gaetz "had a reputation of prowling after college girls when he’s a grown man, and to me that’s just kind of weird." She did add, "There’s two sides to every story and I acknowledge that," and said the claims were simply her experience, not fact. 

A screenshot of Roxanne Luckey's TikTok slamming Matt Gaetz. (TikTok)

Nonetheless, it appears as if Ginger has not taken too kindly to the allegations against her fiance. "Matt and I are enjoying our engagement and are deeply in love. My estranged sister is mentally unwell," she told The Daily Beast. "She has been in therapy for years and our family hopes that after receiving in-patient mental health treatment, she will overcome the tendency she has repeatedly shown to engage in destructive behavior," Ginger added. It's unclear when Roxanne and Ginger became "estranged". Social media indicates the two were close as recently as November 2020. 

The attack on Gaetz is not new. In April, Roxanne began using hashtags like #mattgaetzhumantrafficking and #mattgaetzisatool on her TikToks. It's unclear what prompted the most recent revelations, posted in late July. Roxanne also called Gaetz a "narcissist and a master manipulator", and said her sister "believes everything he tells her". The videos and allegations are not likely to cause significant damage to Gaetz's case legally, since prosecutors already have a wealth of evidence. It could, however, help boost the anti-Gaetz sentiment on social media, and be vital fodder for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms.