'Roswell, New Mexico': The plot would go nowhere if not for the women on the show

The women are bold and beautiful and they do not shy away from putting themselves out there even when things go haywire

                            'Roswell, New Mexico': The plot would go nowhere if not for the women on the show

The CW reboot of the '90s iconic cult classic, 'Roswell', has brought up some of our favorite characters, but this time they are all grown up. Dealing with some real-world issues such as immigration and discrimination, 'Roswell: New Mexico' follows the old gang as they take up some adult responsibilities while trying to fit into a world that is not very accepting.

Starring Nathan Parsons (as Max Evans), Jeanine Mason (as Liz Ortecho), Lily Cowles (as Isobel Evans), Michael Vlamis (as Michael), Heather Hemmens (as Maria DeLuca), and Riley Voelkel (as Jenna Cameron), the show has brought in some extremely interesting elements, among which the most intriguing are the women characters.

The women of the show can be said to be pushing forward the plot, as they act as catalysts to bring about new angles. None of them are similar in to each other, but they all share the same characteristic of being extremely bold and contemporary in nature. The first two episodes already saw the kind of impact they have on Max's life, and it can be said that without them the plot would have basically gone nowhere. As the show is set to return on The CW January 29, let's take a look at the women who are adding some new perspective to the show.


1. Liz Ortecho

Being the daughter of an undocumented immigrant, Liz was always aware she would not be accepted in society. Her sister, Rosa, whose mysterious death forms the basic premise of the plot, was already hated for her unruly behavior. However, the hatred was more intensified under the pretext she was a Mexican immigrant.

Liz was probably not despised but she was always considered an outcast in Roswell. That explains her bold nature which chooses to shun all discrimination. Being a scientist, she knows these prejudices are nothing more than an externally inflicted fear among people.

Liz never lets the ongoing discrimination hurt her since she knows much better than most people. (IMDb)
Liz never lets the ongoing discrimination hurt her since she knows much better than most people. (IMDb)

2. Maria DeLuca

In the words of Hemmens herself, "Maria is a straight shooter. She is always the one that is going to tell you the truth, she's going to tell you exactly how it is but with love, you know, whatever it happens to be. But she will have your best interest at heart, and she is a very loyal and honest person."

Maria never looked at Liz or Rosa as an immigrant. To her, they were family, and she could easily put up a fight with anyone who tried to hurt them. She does not care if a person is different in their sexual orientation or where they come from, all that matters to her is if that person is truly good.

3. Isobel Evans

She might come across as an uptight woman who practically cares about nothing, but deep-down Isobel is just as amiable as any other character on the show. It is true that the conflict with Liz over Max's identity as an alien has only begun, and soon we will even see her threatening Liz to leave Roswell.

However, when it comes to her two brothers, Max and Michael, Isobel takes charge as the protector. A secretive woman, she has held back her identity as an alien even from her husband but that has not held her back from being a faithful wife. Isobel is a complete woman, she is a sister, a wife, and above all, she is a woman who decides things for herself.


4. Jenna Cameron

We were only introduced to her in Episode 2, but she has quickly become the most bada** girl of the reboot. As Max's partner in crime at the Sheriff's Department, Cameron depicts everything that was iconic in the Old West. She is a gunslinger who does not miss a single shot, and just like the old sheriffs, she believes in the stark difference between good and bad.

Other than Liz, she is the only one who has managed to break down Max's guard and has managed to keep things as real as possible with him. She does share some intimate moments with him but does not get emotionally attached until called for.  

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'Roswell: New Mexico' returns to The CW January 29. 

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