'Roswell, New Mexico': Two instances that will make you wonder if the Evans twins are involved in Rosa's death

The twins have been tiptoeing around Rosa's death but it seems their involvement in the case goes deeper than being just spectators.

                            'Roswell, New Mexico': Two instances that will make you wonder if the Evans twins are involved in Rosa's death

The central theme of 'Roswell: New Mexico' does revolve around the existence of aliens among humans but there is one underlying mystery in the show which can easily serve the purpose of a plot. Starring Nathan Parsons as Max Evans, Jeanine Mason as Liz Orthecho, Amber Midthunder as Rosa Ortecho, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans, and Heather Hemmens as Maria DeLuca, CW's reboot has been much appreciated for its hold on contemporary crisis such as immigration and discrimination, and Rosa's story sort of forms the very outline of these issues. 

Rosa's character has been sketched as the black sheep of the family. Known for her unruly nature, and drug abuse, Rosa was hated by the people of Roswell. However, more than despising her for what she would do in her intoxicated state, the town was hell-bent on cornering her for being the daughter of an undocumented immigrant. We only get to hear about Rosa and her life from the conversations of other characters, such as Liz and her father, Isobel and Max, and sometimes Kyle (played by Michael Trevino), too, who gave Liz the autopsy reports of Rosa's death. There has been a strange kind of mystery surrounding Rosa's death since the first episode, but after Liz received the autopsy reports in Episode 3 it seems that the Evans twins, Max and Isobel might have something to do with her death. 

Isobel and Max might know something about Rosa's death. (IMDb)
Isobel and Max might know something about Rosa's death. (IMDb)

As the promo trailer to Episode 4 suggests Liz will come to know about an uncomfortable secret regarding Rosa's death but here are a few things that indicate the involvement of the Evans siblings in her death:

1. Max met Rosa on the day she died

Max had lied to Liz's face about not seeing Rosa on the day of her death. However, it was revealed that he not only met Rosa that day but the two actually got into a fist-fight. Max hid the secret from Liz until she discovered the letter that he had written for her back in school. Although Liz initially thought that the letter was intended for her sister, Rosa, Max confessed that Rosa actually took that letter from him since she did not want Liz to get along with Max. That is when the two got into a fist-fight and Max probably hit Liz hard with his powers that finally caused her death. 


2. Isobel is scared of Rosa's memory

Until Episode 3, Isobel wanted Liz to leave Roswell for the simple reason that she did not want her brother, Max, to be involved with Liz. However, when she failed to come in between the two lovers, Isobel was confronted by visions of Rosa. The visions mostly involved Rosa looking at Isobel directly when she tried to hypnotize Liz by getting into her mind. It seemed as though Rosa was trying to protect her sister, and Isobel was immediately taken aback by her vision. The promo trailer of Episode 4 also shows Isobel struggling with Rosa's memories as she clearly tries to hide something about Rosa that she is not willing to let anyone know, not even Max. 


We will get to know exactly what went down at the time of Rosa's death when the show resumes with Episode 4 on February 5 on the CW. 

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