'Roswell: New Mexico' Season 1: Nathan Parsons and Tyler Blackburn convincingly portray the marginalized lives of Max and Alex

Fans want to see Blackburn play Max, but the actors devotedly carry out the characters allotted to them, as both find themselves afraid of a society that shuns the different.

                            'Roswell: New Mexico' Season 1: Nathan Parsons and Tyler Blackburn convincingly portray the marginalized lives of Max and Alex

The CW's reboot of the '90s show 'Roswell' is set to premiere on January 15, and fans are already doting upon Nathan Parsons (as Max Evans) and Tyler Blackburn (as Alex Manes). However, the weight seems to be heavier on Blackburn, who plays the gay military officer in 'Roswell: New Mexico'. The reboot picks up with the old characters, only this time they are adults and live in a world that is at war against some unethical issues such as immigration, gender discrimination, and racism. The show follows Roswell native Liz Ortecho (played by Jeanine Mason) who returns to the town only to find herself thrust in the middle of a decades-old conspiracy. 

Centered around that controversy which claims that aliens had visited Roswell back in 1947, the story sees Liz come in contact with a family of aliens and one among them, Max Evans, was actually her childhood sweetheart. However, their relationship faces its first obstacle when Max reveals to Liz his true identity as an alien with healing powers. While Liz promises to keep it a secret, Max is confronted by his brother, Michael (played by Michael Vlamis) and his sister, Isobel (played by Jessica Treska), who refuse to let their truth out for fear of becoming lab rats for the government. 


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Besides this enthralling plot, 'Roswell: New Mexico' has managed to bring up some of the impending social issues of our era, and Max and Alex have been placed as the victims on the receiving end. Alex, a gay military sergeant, and Max, an alien cop, find themselves on the border of a social structure that does not have any place for people who are different. Both the characters live a continual secret as they tip-toe around the social boundaries, fearing the backlash that they might receive if their truth is out. However, that does not seem to be a matter of concern for fans who are already claiming that Blackburn's Alex is far more relatable than Parsons' Max. 




A fan on Facebook has actually claimed, "Tyler Blackburn should have cast as Max" but after the first episode, it seems that the actors are just perfectly suited to the roles they play. Blackburn who is best known for his role in 'Pretty Little Liars' has smoothly brought out Alex's internal conflict as a limping soldier who is too scared to confess his feelings for another man. On the other hand, Parsons who became popular with his role in 'Days of Our Lives' portrayed Max's dilemma in revealing the truth to his beloved in probably the most subtle possible way. Both the characters are servants of law and ironically, it is the law that will eventually turn against them if they reveal who they really are. 




'Roswell: New Mexico' is set to premiere on the CW on January 15, and we can hope that the show will do proper justice to these marginalized characters. 

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