'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 1 Episode 5 preview: Michael wants to confess the truth about Rosa's murder to Liz

It was Michael who killed Rosa but Isobel and Max will not let him take all the blame on himself, as they choose to stick together

                            'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 1 Episode 5 preview: Michael wants to confess the truth about Rosa's murder to Liz

Episode 4 of the CW's 'Roswell: New Mexico' came up with one of its biggest revelations. The reboot of the '90s cult classic, 'Roswell', has been following Liz Ortecho's investigation into her sister, Rosa's, murder and the investigation has led her to believe Rosa was actually killed by an alien.

Starring Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, Amber Midthunder as Rosa Ortecho, Nathan Parsons as Max Evans, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans, and Michael Vlamis as Michael Evans, episode 4 saw Michael finally confessing to his siblings, it was he who killed Rosa. Throughout the last three episodes, all evidence Liz discovered led her to believe it was Max who had killed her sister.

However, when he assured her, he had nothing to do with the murder, Liz tried to find out who Rosa met on the day of her death. Seeing Max completely anxious about Liz finding out about Rosa's death, Michael confessed to the murder to his siblings and suggested revealing the truth to Liz. However, his siblings, Max and Isobel wouldn't let that happen as they promised each other they are in this together.

Before you tune into Episode 5, titled 'Don't Speak, to find out more about Rosa's death, here are the three things you should look out for:


1. Isobel wakes up in a desert

Episode 4, titled 'Where have all the cowboys gone', saw a changing point in Isobel's character. She was always the one who was intimidating and doesn't really care about anything else other than her two brothers, Max and Michael, and her husband Noah Bracken (played by Karan Oberoi).

However, in the previous episode, Isobel felt extremely weak when she tried to hypnotize Maria (played by Heather Hemmens) into telling her why Rosa hated Isobel. She was unable to cope with the memory and lost consciousness. The promo trailer of Episode 5 sees her lying in the desert, and it looks like she has no idea how she ended up there. Soon after, we see Max and Michael trying to find her when they come across a secret hiding place in the desert.


2. People are acting weird

A voiceover in the promo trailer can be heard saying, "people are floating in the middle of the desert." Does Isobel have something to do with this? We have previously seen Max's powers influencing the lives of people in Roswell. Every time he uses his powers, the electricity goes off and people lose their minds.

In the previous episode, we saw that when Max brought upon an electricity blackout, the people of Roswell sort of went into a trance where they began to commit crimes like kidnapping children, hurting them, and even murder. We do not if it was Max who had influenced the people to react that way but certainly with the electricity shutting out, people did lose control of their everyday lives. Similarly, it can be assumed it is Isobel who is making people float in the desert.


3. Michael wants to tell the truth

As discussed earlier in this article, Michael finally confessed to his siblings that it was he who had actually murdered Rosa. Although he suggested he come out clean and confess everything to the cops, Max and Isobel did not agree with his decision. They stood by their commitment to Michael and claimed he would not have to take all the blame since they were in this together.

However, in the promo trailer, we once again hear Michael saying he wants to tell the truth. Immediately after, there is a shot where we see Liz breaking into somebody's house and asking, "I just want to know what you saw on the desert the day my sister was murdered." We do not know if Liz is actually speaking to Michael, but it seems that in the next episode she will get the answer she is looking for.

Max's siblings will not let him take all the blame. (IMDb)
Max's siblings will not let him take all the blame. (IMDb)

We will get to know if Michael comes clean with Liz, when Episode 5, titled 'Don't Speak', returns to The CW February 12.