'Roswell, New Mexico': Episode 4 will see the Evans siblings in a heated conflict over Rosa's death, as Liz looks for the truth

Liz knows her sister's death wasn't an accident and the Evans siblings fear Liz's doubt might jeopardize their disguises

                            'Roswell, New Mexico': Episode 4 will see the Evans siblings in a heated conflict over Rosa's death, as Liz looks for the truth

The CW's reboot of the '90s cult classic, 'Roswell', has taken the story to a new level by the added element of murder. Based on Melinda Meltz's book, 'Roswell High', the show follows the plight of alien siblings who are now disguised as humans and go by the family name Evans.

Starring Nathan Parsons as Max Evans, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans, Michael Vlamis as Michael Evans, and Jeanine Mason as Liz Orthecho, the first three episodes remained rooted to its sci-fi element while weaving the plot around the murder of Liz's sister, Rosa (played by Amber Midthunder).

Liz arrived in Roswell only to realize the discrimination against her family for being undocumented immigrants has only worsened and people still maintain their hatred towards her unruly sister, Rosa. However, refusing to believe Rosa died of a drug overdose, Liz began her own set of investigations which led her to discover Rosa's death was actually caused by an alien.

Considering Max was the only alien she knew, Liz immediately began to interrogate him only to find out he had nothing to do with Rosa's death. However, on the other hand, Max's sister Isobel was greatly disturbed by the mention of Rosa's death, and it seems she might know something about Rosa's death she isn't ready to give out.

The promo trailer for Episode 4, titled 'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone', shows a boiling squabble between Max and his siblings as they blame each other for Rosa's death. As the episode is set to air February 5, here are the top three things you need to look out for:

1. Isobel struggles with Rosa's memory

As we have discussed earlier, there is something about Rosa's death Isobel is not yet revealing. In Episode 3, when Isobel tried to threaten Liz into leaving Roswell by hypnotizing her, her vision was blocked by Rosa's image. It is almost impossible to ignore how disturbed Isobel was when she had to confront Rosa's memories.

The promo trailer to Episode 4 gives us a glimpse of Isobel trying to get inside Liz's mind once again, but instead, she finds herself fiddling around with Rosa's memory, in spite of her being dead. As much as she is taken aback, it seems there are things Isobel is not yet ready to give out.


2. Liz is not alright

Liz has been trying to find the truth about her sister, Rosa's death, ever since she got back to Roswell from New York. However, there are secrets she isn't prepared to hear and one of the biggest ones was revealed about Max's true identity as an alien. As the revelation spearheaded several consequences, which, in a way, made Liz a probable threat to Max's siblings, Isobel and Michael, Liz herself had to confront the fact the Evans twins possibly had something to do with her sister's death.

Although Liz did try and interrogate the matter, she was ultimately proven wrong when Max claimed he had nothing to do with Rosa's death. However, it seems Liz is not yet ready to give up suspecting him of her sister's death. 


3. The Evans siblings fall apart

The three siblings Max, Isobel, and Michael, have been at odds with each other ever since Max revealed his secret identity to Liz. While Isobel and Michael have been trying to keep Liz and Max apart, Max himself has never agreed with his siblings when it came to Liz.

The promo trailer reveals a conflict between the three of them as Max confronts Michael and Isobel, telling them he was being suspected for Rosa's death. The three immediately get into a fight, where Max once again asserts he would not let go of Liz, even if it means hurting his own siblings. 


Whether the Evans will finally come together and tell Liz the truth about Rosa's death may be found when the show returns with Episode 4, titled 'Where have all the cowboys gone,' on the CW February 5. 

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