'Roswell: New Mexico': Episode 1 kicks off as a gritty drama that attempts to overcome a government conspiracy

Doing away with the teen-flick drama of the '90s adaptation of the 'Roswell High' books by Melinda Metz, the show is set to bring in new twists to the old tale of forbidden love

                            'Roswell: New Mexico': Episode 1 kicks off as a gritty drama that attempts to overcome a government conspiracy

The year 2019 seems to be the year of reboots and if that is an indication of some doleful recollection of childhood nostalgia or just an attempt to churn out profitable business by going completely non-original is a matter of debate. However, with channels trying to bring up shows that can be more suited to the contemporary era (Bravo picking up the '90s age defining show, 'Queer as Folk') and also helping them keep up with their increasing viewership, it is no surprise that The CW has brought back the charming tale of forbidden love, in their latest reboot 'Roswell: New Mexico'.

Doing away with all the teen-flick drama of the '90s show which was an adaptation of the 'Roswell High' books by Melinda Metz, 'Roswell: New Mexico' is set to bring in some new twists and turns to the old tale of forbidden love.

Starring Jason Parsons as Max Evans and Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, the reboot is set to follow Liz as she returns to her town only to discover some uncomforting truths about her childhood sweetheart. Episode 1 kicked off with Liz arriving in town and encountering Max, who is now a cop, and as the show progresses, here are the three things that you can totally expect from the show:


1. A virtuous alien

As ridiculous as it may sound, Max Evans is a horribly virtuous alien. Not only is he a cop by profession, which actually ornaments him as a man of law, he is also a star-crossed lover who falls in love with the human girl, Liz. Max might not have too many shades to himself but he is surrounded by characters who are sufficient to trigger his innermost devil. While this serves as an advantage that makes Max so likable (other than Parsons' handsome face), it is also the one feature that puts him out of place. Unlike his siblings who refuse to let Liz into their lives, Max chooses to form a more humane relation with her.


He is like the filler between the humans and their immediate neighbors, the aliens, and we can expect to see an internal conflict within Max as he tries to maintain the balance. Max is not a defined outcast in the show, but his role is just the same.

2. A tale of forbidden colors

Every time Max touches Liz, he leaves behind a mark of strangely muted colors like white, turquoise, cloud grey, and a crystalline silver. The muted colors might be a direct indication to Max and Liz's forbidden love-story as they soon discover each other's harsh realities. Neither of the two legally belong to where they are — Liz, being the daughter of an immigrant, finds herself thrust in a place that is intolerant of immigrants, while Max is on a different planet where he has to disguise his identity in order to avoid mass hysteria. Almost following Shakespeare's take on forbidden love through 'Romeo and Juliet', Liz and Max are the perfect embodiment of the communities that are always avoided but never forgotten.

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3. Pulling the strings for Roswell

Everyone is well aware of the conspiracies that went down during the '50s in the US, and Roswell was at the heart of it all. Known to have been invaded by aliens, the show, in spite of being grounded in the 21st Century, does not give up on the legends of its preceding era. A lot like History Channel's 'Project Blue Book', the first episode itself hurls upon the table an open indication of the unforgotten conspiracies of the '50s. With the government revealing its hand in the $22 million projects that were solely looking into the abnormal phenomena at Roswell, the show picks up by pulling the strings together.


We do get to see the government still wracking their brains in search for an answer to the unidentified objects that are were discovered decades ago. Max and his siblings' existence are seen to be running on parallel grounds with the findings, and you can almost sense their fear as they keep realizing the government's interference in the matter.

'Roswell: New Mexico' will premiere on The CW on January 15 at 9/8c, and you can expect to see some gritty drama surrounded by some nerve-wracking suspense.

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