Only a true 'Roseanne' fan can crush this quiz...are you that fan?

Roseanne has one of the biggest fan followings, but there are only a few than can call themselves hardcore fans. Are you one of them?

                            Only a true 'Roseanne' fan can crush this quiz...are you that fan?
Caste of Roseanne (Source: Getty Images)

'Roseanne,' since its premiere on 18 October, 1988 has gone on to become one of those iconic shows that helped define a generation. Now, with its rerun most of the shows fans are happy to embrace the Conners and welcome them back into their lives – even as a large group of Americans wonder why the show is so popular.  

There are many levels of 'Roseanne' fans, from those who have started watching it since the revival on March 27, 2018, to those who have watched it since the very first episode in the 80s. Then there are those hardcore fans who have watched the old episodes and re-watched them over the years when the show was not on air and then re-watched some more in preparation of the revival.  

If you are in the last category, you will be able to ace our test and prove once and for all that you are among the biggest 'Roseanne' fans: 

1. Which 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actor appeared on season 3 of 'Roseanne' as Becky’s friend Jan? 

(a) Seth Green
(b) Alyson Hannigan
(c) Sarah Michelle Geller
(d) Amber Benson


Which 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actor appeared on season 3 of 'Roseanne'? (Source: Getty Images)


2. How much money did the Conner family win in the state lottery jackpot in season 9?  

(a) $55 million 
(b) $500 million 
(c) $108 million 
(d) $10 million 

3. How old is Becky when she gets married

(a) 17
(b) 22
(c) 16

4. What was the name of the factory Rosie worked for?

(a) Auto Parts Plant
(b) Wellman's plastics 
(c) Brooks Brothers
(d) Coca-Cola


5. What is the plot-line for one of the most memorable episodes of season 6 titled "A Stash from the Past"? 

(a) Dan and Roseanne have a pregnancy scare
(b) Darlene smokes pot
(c) Jackie catches Becky smoking pot 
(d) Roseanne and Dan smoke pot

6. What does Rosie always jokingly call the Conner family?

(a) Poor white trash
(b) Trailer park trash
(c) White hoarders
(d) Trash collectors


7. Who does George Clooney play in the first season? 

(a) Roseanne's celebrity crush
(b) Becky's classmate
(c) Roseanne's boss
(d) Darlene's boyfriend


8. What is the one word that has been uttered in every episode?

(a) Heck
(b) Christ
(c) Bus
(d) Corn 

9. What was the name of the character that Jerry Springer played on 'Roseanne'?  

(a) Jerry Springer
(b) Dan Andrews
(c) Phil Collinger
(d) Jack Daniels


10. Which singer did Roseanne and Dan name their surprise baby after? 

(a) Elvis Presley
(b) Jerry Garcia 
(c) Diana Ross
(d) George Michael


Sure of your answers? Check the correct ones here:

1. (b) Alyson Hannigan
2. (c) $108 million 
3. (a) 17
4. (b) Wellman's plastics 
5. (d) Roseanne and Dan smoke pot
6. (a) Poor white trash
7. (c) Roseanne's boss
8. (d) Corn
9  (a) Jerry Springer
10. (b) Jerry Garcia 

If you scored 10 on 10, you truly are a 'Roseanne' fan. If you are hanging between 7 and 10 you're pretty good with 'Roseanne' trivia and if you've scored less than 7, maybe you aren't as good a fan as you thought you were.