Rookie groups STAYC and Purple Kiss rule song charts with 'Stereotype' and 'Zombie'

Rookie groups STAYC and Purple Kiss rule song charts with 'Stereotype' and 'Zombie'
STAYC and Purple Kiss show immense growth with their latest comebacks (@stayc_highup/Instagram, @RBW_PURPLEKISS/Twitter)

K-pop is on a whole different level than the other music industries. Its global impact is evident from the success and chart performance of the majority of artists that debut in K-pop. It can also be measured with the popularity of rookie groups like STAYC and Purple Kiss despite not being in the music industry for too long. STAYC debuted in November 2020 and came back with their latest album ‘Stereotype’ and Purple Kiss debuted in March 2021 with ‘Zombie’ being their first comeback.

STAYC released ‘Stereotype’, their first EP on September 6 with the title track of the same name. And Purple Kiss came back with their second EP ‘Hide & Seek’ with the title track ‘Zombie’ on September 8. The two K-pop girl groups may be rookies but they are already competing with the likes of Blackpink, CL and Red Velvet. Both STAYC and Purple Kiss were #3 and #4 female acts respectively on Hanteo’s Daily Chart on September 13.

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STAYC’s ‘Stereotype’ shows growth

On September 14, it was revealed that STAYC had broken a personal record with their first-week sales tripling for ‘Stereotype’. Hanteo Chart announced that from September 6 to 12, the EP had sold more than 114k copies. It should also be noted that STAYC sold 43k copies on the first day surpassing their previous first-day album sales. This makes STAYC the first girl group to debut in 2020 to have more than 100k sales in the first week. Fans also pointed out that STAYC achieved the first-week sales record 10 months after their debut which makes the milestone even more impressive. 

And now due to this, STAYC is the eighth K-pop girl group with the highest first-week album sales ever. This puts them in the same league as Blackpink, IZ*ONE, Twice, Red Velvet, Itzy, Mamamoo and (G)I-DLE who are the top 7. ‘Stereotype’ also got STAYC their first #1 on a chart by topping Bugs and ranked #5 on Genie’s real-time chart. ‘Stereotype’s’ music video also garnered 20 million YouTube views in less than a week. They also got their first music show win on 'The Show' with 'Stereotype'.



Purple Kiss dominates with ‘Zombie’ and ‘Hide & Seek’

Purple Kiss on the other hand was #11 on Gaon and #2 on Hanteo's real-time chart with their debut album and the title track. And their latest album ‘Hide & Seek’ debuted at #7 on iTunes Worldwide Album Chart making it the highest peak for a K-pop act debuted in 2021. It was also #13 on US iTunes Album Chart. They also broke their own record with 27k sales within two days of the album’s release and broke the highest first-day sales for a female rookie act debuted in 2021 with 8.4k sales. They are also the fastest 2021 rookies to make 20k album sales.

The album also topped Gaon and Hanteo’s Daily Album Chart and entered the top 100 of iTunes in 20 countries. All of the songs also entered China’s QQ Chart with ‘Zombie’ at #9. The lead single was also at #5 on Vibe’s Domestic Surge Chart. All the other b-sides also charted on Bugs with ‘Zombie’ ranking in the top 15. Even its music video was trending in seven countries and at #12 on YouTube worldwide. And in five days it accumulated 15 million YouTube views.

Watch the music video for STAYC’s ‘Stereotype’ below.




Watch the music video for Purple Kiss’ ‘Zombie’ below.



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 Rookie groups STAYC's 'Stereotype' and Purple Kiss' 'Zombie' dominate charts