How did Romy Walthall die? 'The House of Usher' and 'Face/Off' actress dies at 57

In the 1997 cult classic 'Face/Off' starring John Travolta, Romy Walthall played the role of his character's secretary Kimberly

                            How did Romy Walthall die? 'The House of Usher' and 'Face/Off' actress dies at 57
Romy Walthall in a scene of 'The House Of Usher' (IMDb)

Actress Romy Walthall, famous for her roles in films like 'The House of Usher' and 'Face/Off' has died at the age of 57 years.

The news of her death was confirmed by her son Morgan Krantz, an acclaimed actor and filmmaker. The veteran actress, who also performed as Romy Windsor, died on May 19. Her children Morgan Krantz, Theodore Dudley and Isabella Israel offered heartfelt tributes to their mother while sharing anecdotes about her. Her career took off after winning at the Mother/Daughter USA Pageant in 1980. She started out as a model at the age of 17 years. She was signed with Ford Models before she went on to make her silver screen debut and subsequently star in multiple films and TV shows.


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How did Romy Walthall die?

On May 19, the actress died at her home after a sudden cardiac arrest. She was fondly remembered by her family members and loved ones. 

Born on September 16, 1963 in Pasadena, Romy Walthall started modeling in her teens and even enjoyed a successful career in Europe. Later, she returned to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of being an actor. 

Romy Walthall in 'The House of Usher' (IMDb)

In 1984, Walthall debuted in the comedy 'Up the Creek' with Tim Matheson. The same year, she starred in 'Thief of Hearts' with Steven Bauer. In the movie 'A Bunny's Tale', which was based on Gloria Steinem's investigation of Playboy Bunnies, Romy Walthall played the role of Bobbi. 

Her pathbreaking role came in 1989 with 'The House of Usher' where she played Molly McNulty and co-starred with Oliver Reed and Donald Pleasance. In the next decade, she majorly worked on television and guest-starred in several shows. Some of the shows included 'Matlock', 'Dragnet', 'Jake and the Fatman', and 'In the Heat of the Night', besides starring in recurring roles in 'Civil Wars', 'Murder One' and 'Hotel Malibu'. In the short TV-series 'Man of the People', she acted alongside James Garner and Kate Mulgrew.

In the 1997 cult classic 'Face/Off' starring John Travolta, she played the role of his character's secretary Kimberly. Her last on-screen appearance was in '0s and 1s' in 2011, where she acted with her son Morgan. Post her retirement from the film industry, Walthall had become an acting teacher in San Fernando Valley.

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