Who is Romi Chase? OnlyFans star claims her rent doubled after landlord saw her pics online

Who is Romi Chase? OnlyFans star claims her rent doubled after landlord saw her pics online
Romi Chase opens up on her experience with a landlord who decided to double her rent after finding out her OnlyFans profile (Photo by @romi_chase/Instagram)

An OnlyFans model claims that her landlord has more than doubled her rent after seeing her steamy images online. Romi Chase, a 29-year-old OnlyFans star, said she had been living in the Miami apartment for a year when the landlord raised the rent from $2,300 to $4,800. The adult star, who made $1 million in her first year on the site, claims her landlord staged a house inspection in November last year to check out her living circumstances and ogle her. She revealed her experience to The Sun in the hopes of preventing others from going through what she has. She said, “When he came over the only thing he inspected was me. He told me he found my Instagram, went through all of my links and my OnlyFans.”

“He actually didn't inspect anything, he walked in and paced around and I'm like 'ok what's happening?', he wasn't actually looking at anything. All of a sudden he's like 'I found you on Instagram', I'm like 'oh, OK'. I was astounded, completely taken aback, and put on the spot, to say the least. He definitely made the impression that he didn’t take kindly or approve of how I make a 100 percent legal living. He had an attitude, I could feel him judging and looking down on me, but I chalked it up to being from a different generation with a different set of values,” the OnlyFans star added. 


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According to The Sun, Romi, a former primary school teacher, left Poland in 2017 to start a new life in America, first in New Orleans, then in Alabama, and finally in Orlando, Florida the following year. When asked why he didn't notify her about the price jump during the inspection, the Polish OnlyFans model claims he didn't provide her an answer. She explained, "He showed zero emotion and basically said between the lines, either pay the rent at this exuberant price or get the f*ck out." Even though Romi could easily pay the increased rent with her OnlyFans income, she preferred to move out on purpose. 



She relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, after hearing that other stars who are working in her field resided there, and she claims that she is much happier and pays a lower rent. Romi, who has over 1.8 million followers on her Instagram profile, explained, "Why should a home that is lovely but not worth that price tag be subjected to this twisted shame game? I’m proud of what I do, I wasn’t hiding anything. I can’t help but wonder if my landlord, in his research, became an OnlyFans customer and enjoyed my work!"


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