Cheslie Kryst's father Rodney says 'family dysfunction' may have led to her suicide

Cheslie Kryst's father Rodney says 'family dysfunction' may have led to her suicide
Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst with father Rodney Kryst (lovely_black_dolls and chesliekryst/Instagram)

Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst's father has opened up on what may have caused his influential daughter to kill herself by suicide. Rodney Kryst, 62 believes that their 'family dysfunction' may have caused the 30-year-old Miss USA to take the fatal leap.

From his home in Charlotte on Tuesday February 1, her father reported that his daughter Cheslie was 'pure' and never faced any issues regarding substance abuse or related problems. 

He told NewYork Post, "She was pure as can be, she didn’t take any kind of drugs or prescription medication. She never had any kind of substance abuse problem.”


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While choking on the phonecall with the reporter, Kryst said, "I think it had a lot to do with family dysfunction, but it will be awhile before we can talk more. She was sad.” On Monday, January 31, her grandfather Gary Simpkins said that their family was reeling from the loss of their darling daughter. Simpkins said, "To be extinguished so fast is just devastating. So hard to imagine one minute they’re here and one minute they’re not. And you know that the only [way] you’ll ever see them again is when you yourself pass away.”

Who is Rodney Kryst?

Rodney Kryst, 62, is a former Polish American bodybuilder. He and Cheslie's mother April Simpkins split up when she was young and remarried. Rodney and April have four children together. 

Cheslie had said that her father and stepfather had an impactful effect on her physical fitness. In a father's day special video she shared, "Today is a special day to show appreciation to all the fathers and father figures who have made our lives special. My dad introduced me to athletics. He took my siblings and me to the track every weekend when we were young when we didn’t want to. And he told us endless stories of his bodybuilding days."


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