'Rocketman': First trailer of Elton John's biopic out now

Rocketman follows Elton John's early years - all through his rise to fame, his emotional moments and the innumerable chart-topping hits one after the other.

                            'Rocketman': First trailer of Elton John's biopic out now

The life of Sir Elton John is set to be documented in the form of an upcoming biopic, titled 'Rocketman' - the first trailer of which is finally out now. Starring in the role of the famous musician will be 'Kingsman' star Taron Egerton, alongside the 'Bodyguard' star Richard Madden, who will be playing the role of his manager and partner, John Reid. "There are moments in a rock star's life that define who he is," says Madden in the trailer's voiceover. "Where there was darkness, there is now you – and it's going to be a wild ride."

Egerton himself has described the upcoming film - that is set to release in May next year - as a 'fantasy musical.' This is a contrast to the movie's genre considering it's a biopic, but at the same time, the trailer also claims that the film is 'based on a true fantasy.' "It’s actually his songs used to express important beats in his life at emotional moments," Egerton said. "He’s not the only character that sings. It’s going to be fun.” 

Catch the trailer of 'Rocketman' here:

Following the early years of the singer - all through his rise to fame and the innumerable chart-topping hits one after the other - the film also includes Jamie Bell, cast in the role of John's lyricist, Bernie Taupin. There's also Bryce Dallas Howard who plays his mother, Sheila Eileen. John himself is producing the movie along with his partner, David Furnish, through their company, Rocket Pictures. Co-producing the film will be Matthew Vaughn, David Furnish, Adam Bohling, David Reid, while John, Steve Hamilton Shaw, Michael Gracey, and Claudia Schiffer will executive produce.

The screenplay comes from Billy Elliot writer, Lee Hall, while Dexter Fletcher is in charge of direction. Fletcher is in charge of helming yet another music-industry inspired biopic, titled 'Bohemian Rhapsody', based on the band Queen, who had blessed the world with the titular track. It comes out on October 24 and showcases the troubled life of Queen singer Freddie Mercury. Fletcher took over the project after the film's original director, Bryan Singer, was fired.