Rob Kardashian begging sister Khloe to break up with Tristan Thompson after cheating rumors

Rob Kardashian believes that Khloe should call it quits with Tristan Thompson and not wait for after the playoffs before doing this.

                            Rob Kardashian begging sister Khloe to break up with Tristan Thompson after cheating rumors
Rob Kardashian (Source:Getty Images)

The Kardashian-Jenner clan probably witnessed the biggest cheating scandal in their family when the news about Tristan cheating on Khloe broke. Looking back at how things unfolded, Rob Kardashian believes that the reality star should call it quits with Tristan and not wait any longer to make this decision. 

However, it is believed that Khloe is waiting for Tristan to get done with Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff run, which just began on April 15. While she might think it is a good idea, Rob does not. “Rob is pleading with Khloe to not wait until the Tristan is done with the playoffs, but to break up with him immediately," a source close to him told Hollywood Life. Rob thinks it is horrible what Tristan has done to his sister. Rob feels Tristan not only embarrassed himself but Khloe and the entire family so he wants him cut off now."

On Tuesday (April 10) multiple photos of Tristan kissing two girls emerged pointing that the NBA star had been cheating on Khloe when she was pregnant.  At the same time, another video emerged of Tristan in which he was allegedly kissing a girl during the afterparty of their match. 

Since then, there have been several other claims about him cheating on Khloe multiple times. Even though the pair had their differences, Tristan was present during the delivery of their daughter. The pair welcomed their daughter on Thursday, April 12. 

While Khloe might have accepted Tristan despite the cheating scandal, the rest of the family is not happy with how things have turned out. They have known how badly Khloe wanted to start a family and seeing Tristan ruin it for her, they are giving him the cold shoulder. The family immediately unfollowed him on Instagram after the news about his cheating scandal broke. 

Even though none of them have commented on the cheating scandal, Khloe's best friend Khadijah Haqq did not stop herself from expressing her disappointment with Tristan following the scandal. "The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother," she wrote on her Instagram.