'Riverdale' Season 5 Episode 12: Fans call Hiram Lodge's backstory 'most compelling' episode

The latest episode of 'Riverdale' felt compelling to many fans and they believed it was one of the good episodes in a long time

                            'Riverdale' Season 5 Episode 12: Fans call Hiram Lodge's backstory 'most compelling' episode
Michael Consuelos (Young Hiram) and Mark Consuelos (Old Hiram) in 'Riverdale' (The CW)

Season 5 of ‘Riverdale’ is back with another episode and fans have called it one of the good ones in recent times. The previous episode saw Jughead (Cole Sprouse) vanish and leave everything to reach New York. In the process, he gets beaten up by the bad guys and is forced to take refuge in a makeshift tent.

However, the latest episode was all about Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) and how did he become one of the biggest gangsters of Riverdale. In this episode, we saw Hiram telling his backstory to Reggie (Charles Melton) and telling him how he got into the business. During flashbacks, we find out that Hiram was not leading a better life because his father was cleaning shoes in front of a diner. He wanted to ask Hermoine on a date, but she said “no” just because he was poor. However, Hiram made sure that he earned money and took Hermoine (played by Camila Mendes in flashbacks) on a date.


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So, he went back to Vitto, one of the biggest gangsters of that time, and started working for him. In few weeks, he started to earn more and dressed nicely. Hermoine gave him a chance and they went on a date, but he was immediately caught by the police for supplying drugs. At the police station, he doesn’t give away Vitto’s name and Hermoine goes to Vitto, urging him to free her boyfriend. His return saw Hermoine and Hiram getting close and this is when he got his name “Hiram Lodge”. Hermoine was the one who decided to change the name.

A still from 'Riverdale' Season 5 Episode 12 (The CW)

Everything was going well until his father got to know about his job and went to confront Vitto. The next day, his dad gets killed by some of Vitto’s men in broad daylight. The rage drove him mad and he took over Vitto’s work to make his own empire. The episode made us realize how Hiram turned out to be such a baddie. Fans were pleasantly surprised with the fact that one of the finest ‘Riverdale’ episodes in a long, long, time belonged to Hiram’s past.

One of the fans wrote, “This is one of the best episodes of Riverdale in a long time and it’s surrounded by Hiram what is going on.” Another fan said, “Ok I take it back, this is a good ass episode.” Another social media user shared, “This might be a flashback, but is one of the most compelling episodes of #Riverdale in a while.”

“Why is the best episode of the season thus far, a background story of the most annoying character of the show?” another one wrote. “I honestly like this episode 1000 times more than I expected to,” said another one. “This episode is amazing, just doesn’t feel like it is season 5 lol,” added another.

One of the users noted, “I give you your 10s for this episode because it snapped! Acting and writing on 10!” Another curious fan opined, “What was once an unwanted episode by many has turned out to be one of the best of the season. It was incredibly well thought out and excellently paced. Brings Hiram into a new light and leaves me curious what he’ll do next.”

















The episode ended with Hiram finally getting to know where is Vitto and killing him for what he did to his father. Meanwhile, he was watching his wife’s reality TV show where she tells Veronica that her father is never happy with what he got and always wants more. Meanwhile, Veronica says that her father should have retired from his work seven years ago.

‘Riverdale’ returns with a new episode every Wednesday on The CW.

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