'Riverdale' Season 4: Five characters we would love to see before the end of the fourth installment

'Riverdale' Season 4: Five characters we would love to see before the end of the fourth installment
(Credit: Archie Comics)

Four seasons of 'Riverdale' has introduced us to plenty of characters from the comics. Some with crucial roles and some with just enough screentime to make the comic connection.

The fourth season saw the arrival of Mrs Burble (Gina Torres), Hermosa Lodge (Mishel Prada), and Frank Andrews (Ryan Robbins) to name a few. With the remainder of the season set to kick off next week, here are a few characters we would love to see when the series returns:

Professor Flutesnoot

Flutie was the chemistry teacher at Riverdale High (Archie Comics)

Elmer "Flutie" Flutesnoot was one of Riverdale High's Chemistry professors. The lovable, good-humored teacher was always tasked with making sure Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones weren't blowing up the lab during lab class. Considering how 'Riverdale' is, it won't come as a surprise if the teen drama gives him a more sinister role, like probably using the lab to help Hiram Lodge in his explosives business. 



Leroy was a naughty kid in the comics (Archie Comics)

The wise-cracking, naughty cousin of Veronica Lodge's. While Leroy may not really have much of a role to play, he can be used as one of the minions at some point in the series. With Hermosa making her way into the show, it would make sense to bring the Lil' un soon. 

Miss Beazley

Beazley was the fun and grumpy cook at Riverdale High (Archie Comics)

The grumpy, cynical, yet lovable-cook of Riverdale High. If Jug wasn't at Pops, he was at Beazley's cafeteria piling up the meal tray. It does come as a surprise that the show can bring in Mrs. Burble, but good' ol Beazley is still yet to make an appearance.  


Superintendent Herkimer Hassle

How can one have such insane controversies going on at school and not have the authorities investigate?  Herkimer Hassle was probably the one man who could trouble Mr. Weatherbee more than Arch, Jug or Reggie, thanks to his theories of how to run the school, despite them not being feasible. Remember that comic where he tries to cut the budget by planning to fire Beazley? 

Coach Kleats

Kleats often coached Baseball and Basketball at Riverdale High (Archie Comics)

The diminutive, yet killer-basketball player who won many trophies for Riverdale High back in the day. He was often the man who worked side-by-side with Coach Clayton to whip up the jock teens in shape. With 'Varsity Blues' coming up, we just might see Kleats on the show. Fingers crossed. 

'Riverdale' season 4 returns January 22 on The CW.  


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