'Riverdale' Season 4 Episode 18: Mr Honey could be behind the tapes, fans say 'we all f*****g knew it'

Fans had caught on to the fact that Mr Honey was up to no good and could go to any extent to ensure his students go through hell

                            'Riverdale' Season 4 Episode 18: Mr Honey could be behind the tapes, fans say 'we all f*****g knew it'
Kerr Smith (The CW)

Spoilers for 'Riverdale' Season 4 Episode 18 'Chapter Seventy-Five: Lynchian'

With the Season finale coming up next week titled 'Killing Mr. Honey', we can assume the amount of hate Riverdale High has for their principal. Principal Holden Honey (Kerr Smith) has been relentless in ensuring that his students' lives during their senior year was hell. Although, he may have upgraded his villainous agenda. Keeping up with Riverdale's antics is not hard if you have been watching since Season 1, and fans had caught on to the fact that Mr Honey was too much too soon when it came to his blatant patriarchy and strict orders.

In this episode, appropriately titled 'Lynchian', we see that the tapes take an even more sinister turn when the Blue Velvet video store is raided and Scarlet Suite is discovered, thanks to Ethel Muggs and her weird fantasies. Also, an appreciation to David Lynch is prominent and we are appreciative too. "The Scarlet Suite! In the back of the Blue Velvet! These are Lynch references! #Riverdale," tweeted one fan.

Turns out, the room carries snuff films and sex tapes. If 'Riverdale' could get any more into the dark adult film genre, it's this. Besides Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper's sex tape, a tape of Clifford Blossom shooting Jason Blossom (an actual snuff film, yes) was found in the brightly neon room. Guess who the episode revealed to be a visitor? It was Mr Honey.


It also makes sense for him to try to hurt the students, considering he's used their personal insecurities and gas lit them into making sure they follow his rules. "Mr Honey is behind the tapes. He targeted Cheryl because ever since he arrived she’s been out to cause trouble IVE CRACKED THE CASE GOODNIGHT YALL #RIVERDALE," tweeted another fan.

"Mr. Honey is seriously a creep I mean I’ve always disliked him but he’s been watching these creepy videos of his students the entire time so I’m guessing that's how he got his info but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he was behind some of the videos!! #Rive[email protected]_Riverdale," tweeted another fan.

As for the upcoming episode, we're hoping Mr Honey's villainy could mean that the show continues. "Ok are they really just going to murder Mr Honey? I bet he dies accidentally while interrogating but it’ll be their fault. That’s actually a reason for them all to come back to Riverdale as adults. If they are investigated years later, maybe someone mysteriously dies. #Riverdale," tweeted a fan.

Also, "Anyone else just want Mr Honey gone? #Riverdale," because we do, and we're hoping he's taken out in next week's season finale.

'Riverdale' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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