'River Where the Moon Rises' Episode 3: Ga-jin finds truth about herself, confronts king but what about On Dal?

'River Where the Moon Rises' Episode 3 sees Ga-jin get imprisoned by the boss of the assassins of the Cheoljubang group for not completing the mission that was handed out to her

                            'River Where the Moon Rises' Episode 3: Ga-jin finds truth about herself, confronts king but what about On Dal?
A still of Kim So-hyun as Ga-jin in 'River Where the Moon Rises' Episode 3 (KBS)

'River Where the Moon Rises' Episode 3 starts with Ga-jin (Kim So-hyun) learning about how she is an adopted child who was brought to her current father by the boss of Cheoljubang. After Ga-jin was cured of fever and was forced to forget her past using a drug that she was not aware of, she forgot the fact that she was the princess of the country. 

After having forgotten the truth about herself, she was trained at the Cheoljubang to become an assassin and that led to her becoming a cold-blooded killer. It is only when she becomes older does she realize that the lives of people that she has killed so far would only hurt her.


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In an attempt to leave Cheoljubang and start a normal life she accepted one last assignment and that was to kill the King of Goryeo. Of course, when she takes on the assignment, she did not realize that she would have killed her father were she successful. 

A still of Ji Soo as On Dal in 'River Where the Moon Rises' episode 3. (KBS)

However, she doesn't succeed and this results in her adoptive father getting punished. That is when he tells Ga-jin's friends to take the message to her and reveals that she was not his biological daughter and that ends up putting Ga-jin in the path of danger because she wants to confirm the news with her boss. In the process, she gets imprisoned and it is at that time that On Dal (Ji Soo) hears the truth about how Ga-jin had to hurry back because her father was in danger. 

He ends up arriving at Cheoljubang's hiding place to help her and watches her story unfurl. Turns out she had arrived with a jade necklace, which On Dal had seen as a child. It is surprising that he doesn't remember. However, at the moment, the most important thing is to get her out of Cheoljubang's prison and take her far away enough to ensure that she isn't recaptured. 

A still of the Commander who is the enemy of Ga-jin in 'River Where the Moon Rises' episode 3. (KBS)

He does succeed but she wants to find out the truth about herself and she remembers how one of the court ladies had remembered her. She also remembers having spent a lot of time with the court lady in question. So she tries to track her down. On Dal sacrifices himself so that she could get this chance, and until this moment he hasn't realized that the woman that he had saved multiple times now is also the girl that he had saved on orders of his father. 

The two of them have a long way to go to realize that their enemies are common, but until then, it would be interesting to see how Ga-jin reclaims the position of being a princess. 

'River Where the Moon Rises' airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS and can be streamed on Viki in the US.

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