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Right-wingers want Rittenhouse Whiskey boycott as brand slams toasting Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict

Kyle Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty after he fatally shot two and wounded one during a Black Lives Matter protest last year, coincidentally share the same surname with Rittenhouse Whiskey, a liquor brand
Rittenhouse whiskey is facing some flak (Sean Krajacic - Pool/Getty Images)
Rittenhouse whiskey is facing some flak (Sean Krajacic - Pool/Getty Images)

A new conservative outrage is a trending headline this week, and over whiskey! Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict is out and he is found not guilty. To celebrate this victory, communists have been toasting to the teen with Rittenhouse Straight Rye whiskey. With posts being shared online, the brand has now responded slamming those using their product for the purpose of celebrating the verdict.

Consumers, as a reply to the brand, are now threatening to boycott the makers of Rittenhouse Whiskey. 


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Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, fatally shot two and wounded one during a Black Lives Matter protest last year. This protest was in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In addition to intentional and attempted homicide, Kyle was also charged with a misdemeanor of possessing a firearm as a minor and curfew violation. 

On November 19, a jury found Kyle not guilty on any of the above-mentioned counts. This created a cause for celebration for right-wingers. In the opinion of these conservatives, a great way to celebrate this victory was to purchase Rittenhouse Straight Eye Whiskey. 

Despite sharing the same names coincidentally, in no way are the brand and the teen related. The brand is actually named after Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. 

Heaven Hills Brand, which specializes in whiskey and other liquor-based products, shared their opinions on Twitter pointing at those who purchased liquor to celebrate this verdict that it is not ideal to celebrate the loss of life and this is no cause of celebration. 


Due to Twitter's word limit, the feelings were expressed via three different tweets. To quote Heaven Hills, "We have been disheartened to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey brand to celebrate the Kyle Rittenhouse case verdict, despite the profound loss of life from those events." In the following tweet they said, "There is no link between our Rittenhouse Rye brand, which was started post-prohibition to commemorate Rittenhouse Square, and this case. It is our strongly held belief that in serious matters such as this, where lives were lost and people deeply affected, there is no cause for celebration, but instead deep reflection on how we can make the world a more peaceful and respectful place for all."

While this sounds ethical, some Twitter users thought otherwise. Here are some of their views.

This follower has made a bold decision of not purchasing liquor from Heaven Hills.


Another user said, "Just checking to see which products are @heavenhill so I can be sure to never buy them again. Go woke go broke"


An avid whiskey drinker will continue consuming liquor but it's not going to be Heaven Hills'


Given that there are two sides to a coin just like there are haters and supporters, there were some that genuinely related and appreciated how maturely Heaven Hills took on this matter.

One user, completely in favor of Heaven Hills, had to say, "I vow to only buy heaven hill brands of bourbon in support of your humanitarian and ethical views. No one should be using your products to celebrate any intentional, unintentional, or accidental loss of life. Thank you for adhering to your morals in this time of moral unrest."


Another user commented, "thank you. I don't like rye whiskey. But if I ever have occasion to buy it I will buy your brand for this alone. Celebrating the death of individuals is sick, and that a child was involved in those deaths that much more. He will have to live with that for the rest of his life."