'Rim of the World' has 'more teeth than your average scare here, scare there film' on alien invasions, says director McG

'Rim of the World' has 'more teeth than your average scare here, scare there film' on alien invasions, says director McG

Before 'Stranger Things' arrives this fourth of July with season 3, Netflix decided to gift us yet another story featuring young adults fighting aliens in the form of 'Rim of the World.' But even though the theme might sound familiar and the genre a little done and dusted in Hollywood by now, what sets the new film apart is the varied personalities that we get to see in form of the teens fighting extraterrestrial forces, and more importantly - the journey they undergo about finding comfort in one's own self.

Having released this May 24, the film follows a group of teens who are fronted with threats from an alien invasion whilst enjoying what was supposed to be a fun camping trip. It stars Jack Gore as Alex - the stereotypical nerd who comes of age through the duration of the movie, Miya Cech as the too mature-for-her-age Chinese orphan. The group of misfits also features Alessio Scalzotto as the tough and suave Gabriel, and their fourth wheel called Dariush, played by Benjamin Flores Jr.



As the four opposites come together, the film brims in both heart and vigour - something that has earned it wide critical acclaim as what the future of sci-fi looks like. Speaking about the wholesome acceptance that the movie has received, director McG shared in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide what sets his new film apart.

"I'm emotionally frozen at the age that these three represent so for me it was very natural to make a film of this nature," he told us, adding: "It's certainly an alien invasion movie, but at the same time it's really a movie about being comfortable in your own skin, and being your best self and seeing what's on the other side of fear. To me that's why it has a little more teeth than your average scare here, scare there kinda thing, with big explosions. There's plenty of that to go around, but hopefully there's some meat on the bones so the movie's working for people my age, people your age, and kids their age."


But it wasn't just the heart of the film that won McG over, as he couldn't stop gushing about just how wonderful it was working with his four child-leads. "This movie really focuses on their journey so there's a parental component as well," McG shared. "But I've always loved movies of Steven Speilberg, the early Amblin days, ET - films like that," he added, continuing with: "I love Stand By Me, and of course Stranger Things is doing it at a very high level so to have this material and explore was a really cool opportunity. I needed four great actors to bring it to life and I got them!"

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