Rihanna is trending and no one knows why, fans say 'she is simply a queen' as they await her new music

Rihanna is shaking up the Internet and the fact that she is trending has just added to her trending

                            Rihanna is trending and no one knows why, fans say 'she is simply a queen' as they await her new music
Rihanna (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

It doesn't come as any surprise that music celebrities trend online, almost on a daily basis, especially when it comes to releasing new music, saying something controversial or making a significant impact on the world as we know in whatever shape or form. Why Rihanna is trending today, June 23, may be a bit of a surprise: there is no answer to the "why."

The iconic singer and Fenty founder-creator is trending on Twitter but no one can figure out the exact reason, which has caused the social media platform to be flooded with even more tweets, thus creating a trending loop. More importantly, it goes to show just how loved Rihanna is and how fast fans spring to any potential updates or news, whether it is legit or not.

Rihanna fans on Twitter are confident in their answer, concluding that she trends for simply being Rihanna. "A legend for a reason, trending for breathing," said a fan while another wrote, "Congratulations to Rihanna for being Rihanna." Other comments cite the reason as "her impact", "It's what she deserves!" and "her power." One fan wrote, "There is no why when it comes to Rihanna. She is simply a Queen."

Some users are highlighting that Rihanna could be trending due to her Fenty skincare line, pointing out that that the businesswoman recently submitted a trademark application for "TOTAL CLEANS'R" in the category "cosmetics and cleaning products". Although, according to Trademarkia, this happened on June 12, which isn't significant enough evidence for a surge of tweets surrounding Rihanna weeks later.

The mystery has only left fans eager for new music, especially in hopes of a new album, dubbed 'R9'. "Rihanna is trending?! *checks all streaming platforms* .... still, no new music," a fan said. "My baby! Now we really need that album," another wrote. One fan said, "Imagine trending for no reason w/ no album in 4 yrs omg Queen." As the latter fan noted, the star's last studio album arrived four years ago, titled 'Anti', and the previous LP, 'Unapologetic', released four years before that, so if Rihanna keeps up the four-year pattern, we can only hope for a 2020 album. Although, RiRi has let out several hints and teasers of a new project in the works since 2018.

Whatever the case may be, a loyal fanbase is enough to get someone shaking up the Internet, and love for Rihanna remains strong.

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