Slick Woods goes into labor at Rihanna's fashion show, among other dramatic things that happened to her in the last one year

From being involved in a racism controversy with Khloe Kardashian to labor right after getting off the runway, it's been an eventful year for Slick Woods

                            Slick Woods goes into labor at Rihanna's fashion show, among other dramatic things that happened to her in the last one year

It's never an uneventful night if Rihanna has got anything to do with it, and living up to her reputation, her most recent fashion show launching the second edition of her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty saw her model, Slick Woods go into labor. But, while people might say it's just Rihanna's luck and charm to jazz up the night with a little something extra, Woods herself has had quite the dramatic and eventful year too!

First things first, she went into labor at a Rihanna event, reports TMZ. And this is big deal because ever since the emergence of the Fenty Beauty line, she has been considered Rihanna's muse. So let it be known in history that Rihanna's muse went into labor backstage at the fashion show on Wednesday night at the Savage X Fenty show in Brooklyn, New York. While it did come as a sensational surprise, it wasn't shocking entirely as Woods carried her pregnant self elegantly when she took over the runway, rocking black pasties and lingerie with cutouts, teamed with nude-colored, thigh-high pantyhose.


As much as the crowd enjoyed her outfit, the moment the 22-year-old face of the Fenty Beauty campaign walked backstage, she went into labor. Luckily, paramedics soon showed up to help the young model and she was taken to the nearest hospital. As of now, the only update on her baby is that it's a boy, who's going to be named Saphir. The father is Adonis Bosso, who's also a model.

Speaking of dramatic moments in Woods' life, it only brings back memories of October 2017, when she found herself part of an unforeseen controversy involving Khloe Kardashian. The reality TV star and fitness pro had released first photos revealing her baby bump alongside Woods, but there was something extremely off-putting about the photo that had caused widespread rage targeted at the Kardashian sister. 


The photos revealing Khloe's baby bump showed Woods kneeling against her foot and this managed to spark off controversies regarding racism since Woods is a dark-skinned model. With Khloe's hand perched behind Wood's head, social media went into an uproar as they called her out for promoting the 'master-slave' imagery.

The Kardashians have known to be quite lackadaisical about black people's culture and sentiments, trying to appropriate them at any given chance, but fans and followers thought this was taking it too far with the model's race and positioning in the photographs. 

"Nah slick woods went out sad. ain't no damn way a kardashian petting me on the head like a dog for a check," wrote one such social media critic on Twitter. Another person had written "Never.... Ever pet a Black American person on the head! #History." A third one wrote: "Idk who slick woods is but can she get her black ass up off that floor and at this woman feet. We got enough pics like this. #SlickWoods."


All this controversial criticism came catapulting at Woods just a month after she had managed to garner massive praise and positive compliments about her unique appearance at the time of the Fenty Beauty's campaign launch. That was exactly a year ago, in the September of 2017. So it's safe to conclude - going into labor right after getting off Rihanna's runway hasn't been the only dramatic thing Woods has been up to in the last one year!