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Richard DuChaine: Hero Kansas City cop hailed for saving one-month-old baby who was struggling to breathe

In the video, DuChaine is seen running into the home, swiftly taking the baby named Kamiyah from her father, and starting chest compressions with his fingers
KCPD officer Richard DuChaine (L) saved the life of one-month-old Kamiyah (Kansas City Missouri Police Department)
KCPD officer Richard DuChaine (L) saved the life of one-month-old Kamiyah (Kansas City Missouri Police Department)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Dramatic bodycam footage showed the moment a brave Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) officer entered a nearby home and saved a one-month-old baby who had stopped breathing, according to the police. The newly released police bodycam footage showed officer Richard DuChaine running into the one-story home in Missouri on November 3, 2022, swiftly taking the baby named Kamiyah from her father and starting chest compressions with his fingers.

In the video, Charles Owen, DuChaine's partner, is heard saying, "I can feel her, turn her around and hit the back.” DuChaine flips the infant over and starts giving her back pats. "C’mon, sweetie," one of the officers can be heard saying. "C’mon. I can hear her,” Owen says, adding, “Try a little harder." “She’s breathing now,” he says moments later, as per reported by the New York Post.


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DuChaine flips Kamiyah over, cradling her tenderly in his hand, and she begins to breathe again. He says, "She's breathing now."

DuChaine and Owen, according to police, arrived at the residence before paramedics could. The heroic officer later paid a visit to the tiny patient at a nearby hospital, according to the department. “Officer Richard DuChaine saved a baby’s life!” the department raved. “Officer DuChaine and Officer Owen, thank you for your continued service to Kansas City,” they added.

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Kiro pursued the fleeing criminal before Officer Barry Peterson, a 15-year-old veteran, freed him. Kiro aimed a direct blow toward Galarza's leg. He quickly pulled out a revolver, though, and pointed it at Kiro's head. Galarza can be seen firing a gun at Kiro's head from both perspectives, killing the heroic K9.