'Real Housewives of Potomac': Michael Darby blames lack of intimacy with Ashley for his escapade with stripper

'Real Housewives of Potomac': Michael Darby blames lack of intimacy with Ashley for his escapade with stripper

'Real Housewives of Potomac' fans now know what really went down with Michael Darby on his night out with the strippers. Candiace got a text about Michael being at a strip club while his wife and baby were away at Monique's lake house for a weekend. To top that, there was a picture being circulated by a gossip blog of a man wearing nothing but briefs in a hotel room and it was alleged that it was Michael in the photo.

Ashley took Michael to task with all this information she had received and even though they tried talking about it at home, they had to stop after a while, given they are parents to a toddler and they didn't want him around while they talk out their issues. They decided to have this conversation in a restaurant and before they did, Ashley in a confessional revealed all the information she was privy to from Michael's controversial night out. 

Ashley said Michael had been out at the strip club while she was out of the city. She said he had met a stripper at the club and one of the dancers came sat next to him, they made conversations and then she asked if they could continue the rest of the night at a nearby hotel. Michael obliged, they kissed in the car and Ashley said he then went off to sleep only to wake up the next morning to find the woman next to him in bed.

Ashley further revealed that the next morning he went to check the time and that's when the woman took it as an opportunity to snap the photo and then sold it to the gossip blog. Michael told Ashley that he was craving intimacy and that's the reason he acted out. He also said that the fire in their relationship was dwindling and that too was one of the reasons.

After this talk, Ashley told Michael that there have to be some changes in the way their relationship works. She said she would not indulge herself when it comes to being attracted to women and even though they had an open marriage up until the point of the conversation they were having, it was now no longer on the table. She said if they had to sustain their relationship, this needed to be done and Michael agreed to go along with the suggestion.

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