'Real Housewives of New York City': LuAnn offers spa day for ex-prisoners, viewers say she needs reality check

Fans felt that LuAnn could do a lot more to help former prisoners with their rehabilitation rather than just take them out for a spa day

                            'Real Housewives of New York City': LuAnn offers spa day for ex-prisoners, viewers say she needs reality check
Luann de Lesseps (Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

After spending a day in prison, 'Real Housewives of New York' star LuAnn de Lesseps seems to have become a changed woman. LuAnn, who was incarcerated on account of public intoxication, assaulting a police officer and resisting her arrest, ended up landing herself in prison. Just one night in prison gave the housewife an up-close look at the plight of people who have been incarcerated.

Following her release, LuAnn spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how life gets harder for former inmates once they are out of prison. Getting a job, finding a place to live and basically rebuilding a life after being released from prison can be very hard. Many former prisoners struggle hard to rebuild their life once they are out of prison.

LuAnn then came across an organization that helps former inmates with rebuilding their lives. So, the housewife decided to visit the organization, learn more about their work, and see if she could help or support them in any way. She meets the director and founder of the organization and has a brief chat with them to understand the work they are doing. She then attends a meeting, where the alumni from the organization were present, and they shared their experiences about life outside prison.

Many of them shared heart-wrenching stories of how they survived in prison and how they are doing everything possible to never go back in. LuAnn breaks down on hearing these stories. When it is finally her turn to share her experience, she explains the shame she felt when she was handcuffed and shackled. She empathizes with the people present in the meeting and explains that she would love to help them.

The director then reveals that the housewife decided to support and mentor them, and wants to take some of the women on a spa day. In her green room interview, LuAnn explained how a spa day, involving a nice massage and getting hair and nails done, can be relaxing and helps build confidence. The women get very excited and rush to LuAnn to thank her for her offer, but fans are far from impressed with LuAnn's help.

Fans called out the housewife for being out of touch with reality and pointed out that a day at the spa won't really help the former prisoners. A fan tweeted, "Seriously! LuAnn is so out of touch with reality. One night in jail in Palm Beach.. that's laughable. I have never been so disgusted by this show. I am embarrassed she is so ignorant of reality. Offering a spa day??? Wtf... #RHONY."

Another fan wrote, "If you want to give back to those coming out of the prison system and help them in some way, a 'spa day' isn’t gonna cut it. Do better LuAnn #RHONY." "I appreciate LuAnn sharing her story; it is important. But this episode feels kinda dirty. A spa day is nice; but @Bravotv and LuAnn have loud voices and followers. Do more than spa day and gratitude and love. #RHONY," expressed a fan.

A user shared, "I hope Luann realizes how incredibly tone-deaf that scene was, especially with the BLM movement #rhony," pointed out a fan. Another fan added, "Let’s not forget LuAnn slipped her cuffs, tried to run, and SURVIVED. If most of the other people in that room had even attempted any of that they wouldn’t have made it to that room. #RHONY."

'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8 c on Bravo. 

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