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'Love yourself': 'RHONY' alum Bethenny Frenkel posts no-makeup selfie, discusses ‘healthier choices’

'Presenting ourselves as perfect, making others believe in an unattainable goal is deceptive and dangerous,' wrote the former 'RHONY' housewife
'RHONY' alum Bethenny Frenkel recently posted a no-makeup selfie on social media (@bethennyfrankel/Instagram)
'RHONY' alum Bethenny Frenkel recently posted a no-makeup selfie on social media (@bethennyfrankel/Instagram)

THE HAMPTONS, NEW YORK: ‘Skinny Girl’ Bethenny Frenkel recently decided to open up to her fans and followers on social media. The ‘Real Housewives of New York’ alum took to her Instagram account to express her thoughts on “a healthier living” by posting a makeup-free photo. The ex ‘RHONY’ star also shared her thoughts with a long write-up discussing the benefits of being “real” over being phony. The post talked about how dishonesty affects people and that it’s our responsibility not to consume unhealthy media online.

Bethenny’s post features a close-up of the reality star with wet hair and no makeup as the ‘Skinny Girl’ author displays her “natural” face to her fans. She captioned the photo, “It’s much less ok, bordering not ok, to be dishonest about this process. Presenting ourselves as perfect, making others believe in an unattainable goal is deceptive and dangerous. This leads to psychological issues, eating disorders, intense pressure and an overall issue of systemic superficiality that is very unhealthy for men and women alike. And it’s our responsibility to not consume media that is not healthy for us. We drive the sales that perpetuate this vicious cycle and only we can make it stop. We should try to make healthier choices in what we consume in every area of our lives, including media. Love yourself… #thisisme #speakyourtruth #nofilter #nomakeup #liveauthentic #filterunfollow #justbreal #stopfeedingthebeast.”


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Bethenny's effort to encourage a healthy outlook on life in this day and age of social media and editing was generally well received by her followers, most of whom commented their support toward the starlet. The ‘RHONY’ alum is known to express her opinion online without hesitation or fear of being “canceled.” But it is not always that Bethenny received positive feedback from her fans. There have been plenty of times when the founder and host of ‘Just B With Bethenny’ podcast received heavy backlash for her statements. Her opinion over Kim Kardashian’s Skims was one such example where fans criticized Bethenny for calling Kim out. But recently, the reality star posted a positive review about the brand but soon took the video down because she was unaware that Kanye West (whom she doesn’t mention by name) owned a stake in Skims.


Regarding her pulling the video, Bethenny said, “It's come to my attention that a certain individual who I will not discuss, because I decided I am cleansing them from any conversation that I have anywhere, that individual owns 5 percent of Skims.” She ended the video by saying that the "5 percent owner of that business has created an antisemitic, dangerous, diabolical and destructive pattern throughout this country."