'RHONJ': Luis Ruelas slammed for calling his exes 'desperate, thirsty, low-life'

'RHONJ': Luis Ruelas slammed for calling his exes 'desperate, thirsty, low-life'
Luis Ruelas on 'RHONJ' (Bravo)

Luis Ruelas finally addressed the rumors circulating about his past relationships on the season 12 finale of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'. If Teresa Giudice's new beau was hoping to gain some sympathy and love from fans, he failed to accomplish it. 

In the finale episode, Luis turned to Teresa's brother Joe Gorga to seek his blessing before proposing to Teresa for marriage. While Joe appreciated the gesture, he wanted to make sure that his sister was with a good man. So Joe gently touched on the rumors doing rounds about Luis' past relationships, including allegations of abuse against him. Joe pointed out how Teresa had been put through a lot of issues in her previous marriage, and that he just wanted to make sure that she wasn't signing up for a similar situation were she to marry Luis. So Luis finally decided to clear up the air and told Joe that he was in some very toxic relationships in the past and referred to his exes as "desperate, thirsty, low-life" beings. He also acknowledged that he wasn't perfect and made some mistakes in his past, but assured Joe that his love for Teresa was sincere.


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'RHONJ' star Joe Gorga (Bravo)


Though Joe seemed convinced with Luis' explanation and gave his blessings, fans however were put off by the way Luis was talking about his exes. Many of them pointed out how he was the common denominator in all of his so-called past toxic relationships. A fan tweeted, "Luis calling all his exes thirsty and problematic is BS who’s the common denominator? #RHONJ." "So according to Luis all the ex’s are thirsty & crazy yet the common denominator is HIM #rhonj," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "ALL THE WOMEN in Luis' past are toxic but Luis is just great! He was obviously a victim. OMG. How gullible can you be? Award winning BS! Teresa is going to get exactly what she deserves from this one. I just feel bad for the girls. #RHONJ."  "Oof Louie putting down his exes like they’re all thirsty and low-life’s… not good. #RHONJ," echoed a fan.






Joe Gorga and Luis Ruelas on 'RHONJ' (Bravo)


Fans also warned Teresa to watch out for the way her man was speaking about his exes, as he might club her in the same category if and when they break up. A fan shared, "Oh, really, Luis? It's interesting that ALL of your exes are desperate and toxic. What does that make you? Teresa, pay attention. One day, he'll be calling you a desperate, toxic, lowlife. #RHONJ." "Luis has alot of thirsty toxic ex's doesn't he?? This dude is such a f***ing scumbag. Let's hope tre doesn't become another one of his thirsty toxic ex's. She deserves a good guy. #RHONJ," pointed out a fan. "Louie called his exes "low-lives," which is nicer than what he'll call Teresa when their relationship ends! #RHONJ #RealHousewivesofNewJersey," expressed a fan. "If and when Teresa and Louis break up she will just be another crazy lowlife ex? #RHONJ," wondered a fan.






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