Luis Ruelas' crimes: 'RHONJ' star Teresa Giudice's beau pleaded guilty to assault after 2018 road rage

Teresa Giudice herself was imprisoned for 11 months along with her former husband for fraud

                            Luis Ruelas' crimes: 'RHONJ' star Teresa Giudice's beau pleaded guilty to assault after 2018 road rage
Luis 'Louie' Ruelas with RHONJ star Teresa Giudice (Instagram/Louie Ruelas)

Things seem to be going really well between 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Teresa Giudice and her new boyfriend Luis Ruelas. The two often share romantic photos with each other on their personal social media accounts. In fact, Teresa even introduced Luis to her former husband of 21 years, Joe Giudice, over a family dinner in the Bahamas. 

While both Joe and Teresa Giudice have served prison time for fraud in 2014, it appears Teresa's new partner also had a previous run-in with the law. According to Page Six, Ruelas pleaded guilty to a simple assault in 2018, following a road rage incident in Allendale, New Jersey.


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What was the charge against Luis Ruelas?

In August 2018, Ruelas had an altercation with an individual named Jesse Palmieri while driving on the road. As Palmieri stopped on the road to avoid hitting a squirrel, Ruelas tried to pass him when Palmieri reportedly gave him the finger. 

According to police documents obtained by Page Six, shortly afterward Ruelas pulled up in front of Palmieri's car at a stop sign. He then 'charged' at his driver from the side door, and got into a verbal altercation. Meanwhile, Palmieri tried to roll up his window, when Ruelas put in hand inside and struck him on the side of the head. His sunglasses fell off following the strike. Ruelas then grabbed the car window and rocked it back and forth seemingly trying to break it. 

Even after Palmieri rolled up his window and apologized to Ruelas, he allegedly continued to hit "on the bottom of the window with his fists." He then drove off but Palmieri took a photo of his license plate in the meantime. 


Later, after Palmieri complained about Ruelas, a witness attested to his claims to the police. Ruelas then admitted to being involved in the incident but denied striking Palmieri. He was then charged with simple assault based on the statements given by Palmieri and the witness. In December 2018, Luis Ruelas pleaded guilty to disturbance of peace and paid a penalty of $325. 

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice

The 46-year-old businessman has been dating the 48-year-old 'RHONJ' star since the fall of 2020. The couple appears to be deeply in love and constantly expresses the same on Instagram. 

In December 2020, Teresa Giudice called Luis Ruelas the 'BEST thing that came out of 2020." In her latest Instagram photo, Giudice called him, "You are today & all of my tomorrow's."

On Valentine's Day 2021, Ruelas wrote an emotional note to Giudice, "Happy Valentine’s Day Babe ❤️ Sweetheart, This morning I came across this -
“One Day someone will come into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else”
This is soooo true, I loved it and wanted to share with you :) it’s too easy to give up on love and blame ourselves, others or situations, Love is free, love is kind and love is the most beautiful gift in the world ❤️ you are the gift 🎁 you are the most beautiful human being I have ever met, you are authentic and genuine and live in your heart in every situation you love, adore and rise for your 4 beautiful daughters more than life itself... i see it everyday and I’m honored to be by your side and call you my Love ❤️ I live in gratitude for you and thank you for coming into my life 🙏"

Here are some of the recent romantic photos of the couple together. 









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