Kam Westcott calls Tiffany Moon racist, 'RHOD' fans wonder why she never called out 'REAL racist' Brandi

'Why didn’t you have this same energy abt racism w/Brandi who was legit being racist? I genuinely want to know,' wondered a fan

                            Kam Westcott calls Tiffany Moon racist, 'RHOD' fans wonder why she never called out 'REAL racist' Brandi
'RHOD' star Kameron Westcott accused her fellow housewife Tiffany Moon of being 'racist' and perpetuating racial stereotypes (Bravo)

The Dallas ladies had their claws out during the Season 5 reunion of 'Real Housewives of Dallas'. Racism has been the buzzword amongst housewives ever since Brandi Redmond's old racist video resurfaced on the internet, where she can be seen poking fun at Asians. So when Tiffany Moon was introduced as the first Asian housewife of the franchise, it certainly ruffled quite a few feathers, especially Brandi's. Brandi was extremely conscious and uncomfortable around Tiffany, which eventually led to a huge showdown between the duo.

But Brandi wasn't the only one who was uncomfortable around Tiffany, even Kameron Westcott had some strong opinions about the new housewife. The ladies got off on the wrong foot when Tiffany insisted on Kam eating a chicken foot as a way of introducing the housewives to the Chinese culture and food. Kam took great offense to it, and held on to it even after the season concluded. During the reunion, Kam tried to act smart by accusing Tiffany of being a racist and perpetuating racial stereotypes through her TikTok videos. When Tiffany heard that, she was dumbfounded at being called racist against her own race, and immediately called out Kam for it.


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Tiffany questioned Kam about how she was being a racist when she was just making funny videos on TikTok based on her own personal experiences. Kam pointed at how it made her feel uncomfortable and revealed that several people reached out to her with the same concerns about Tiffany's videos. The new housewife then clapped back at Kam by suggesting that the other people who reached out to her should get something better to do with their lives, and shut down her fellow housewife for accusing her of being racist against her own race.

Fans too seemed to agree with Tiffany and felt that Kameron was pushing it a bit too far with her attempts at making the new housewife look bad. A fan tweeted, "Kameran exerting her white privilege, telling a WOC what type of content to post on social media. It's one thing to be ignorant, and an entirely different one to be a racist a-hole. She's in category B. #RHOD #RHODReunion." Another fan wrote, "Kameron opened her white a** mouth to call Tiffany racist for imitating her own mother & sharing her lived experiences. What a dummy #rhod." "Can we start a new hashtag? #howdumbiskam she’s so dumb she doesn’t know that making a joke about your own life experience doesn’t make you racist against your own race. #rhod," pointed out a fan.





Several fans called out Kameron for defending Brandi, who actually made a racist video, and instead coming for Tiffany who was just sharing her personal experience of growing up in an Asian household. A fan commented, "Did I miss the episode where Kam called out Brandi for her racist impersonation of Asians? #RHOD #RHODReunion." "Why didn’t you have this same energy abt racism w/Brandi who was legit being racist? I genuinely want to know. @KamWestcott #RHOD," wondered a fan. "Hey @KamWestcott Brandi is the REAL racist but you ain’t said a word to her. We see you #RHOD," added a fan.




Despite Tiffany's attempts at pointing out to Kam that making videos about her own culture wasn't racist, the housewife refused to accept it and continued with her narrative of Tiffany being a racist. 

Real Housewives of Dallas' Season 5 Reunion's Part 2 will air on Tuesday, May 11, at 10/9c on Bravo.

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