‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Reunion: LeeAnne breaks down after being called racist while Kary learns new information

The final part of the reunion will see the housewives calling out LeeAnne for her racist comments about Kary

                            ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Reunion: LeeAnne breaks down after being called racist  while Kary learns new information
LeeAnne Locken breaks into tears (Bravo)

This season of ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ saw LeeAnne exposing her racist side, when she kept referring to new housewife Kary Brittingham as “Mexican” or “Chirpy Mexican”, behind her back. Even when it was brought to LeeAnne’s attention that her comments were dripping of racism, the housewife was unapologetic about it.
The preview clip for the next week reveals that the housewife hasn’t changed her stance much.

While part 1 of the reunion saw her getting grilled about her untraditional wedding which managed to rub off a lot of people the wrong way, the second part will be centered around the housewife’s racist comments about Kary.

When that topic is brought up, the housewife tries to defend herself by saying that everybody in Texas uses that word. When the executive producer and the host of the reunion — Andy Cohen asks if everybody in Texas refers to Mexicans as “chirpy Mexicans”, the housewife replies with a resounding yes without batting an eyelid, while Andy and the other housewives look startled and uncomfortable with her response.


We later see the housewives finally telling LeeAnne their thoughts about the incident and whether they felt LeeAnne was racist or not. We see Brandi, Stephanie and D’Andra calling out the housewife for her inappropriate racist comments. When LeeAnne hears all their views, she can be seen breaking into tears.
While LeeAnne is hurting over her comments, we see Kary questioning Stephanie and Kameron’s intentions about the incident. Andy asks Kameron and Stephanie if they would reveal LeeAnne’s comments to Kary if they knew that the clip wouldn’t air. We see Kameron quickly defending herself by saying that she would have told Kary irrespective of whether the clip aired or not. Kary looks surprised and can be seen questioning the housewives about why they were hiding stuff from her.

We can’t wait to see all the drama of these Texas ladies for one last time before we wait for the next season.
 You can watch part 2 of ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Season 4 reunion on January 8 at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.

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