‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Reunion: Fans cheer Andy Cohen as he goes after LeeAnne and calls her bluff

‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Reunion: Fans cheer Andy Cohen as he goes after LeeAnne and calls her bluff
Andy Cohen and LeeAnne Locken (Getty Images)

When Andy Cohen has it in for you, you better watch out.

The executive producer of the series, who also hosts the reunion shows, sat down with the ladies of ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ to relive the season and get the bad blood out of the way before the premiere of next season. This season saw the focus being on LeeAnne’s wedding and later towards the end of the season on her racist comments towards new housewife Kary Brittingham. So, it came as a little surprise that LeeAnne was the centre of attention at the reunion. But what nobody saw coming was Andy’s wrath directed at the housewife.
We previously saw a glimmer of it while he was hosting his talk show ‘Watch What Happens Live’, where he called LeeAnne’s racist comments “vile and disgusting”. But that was nothing compared to how he went after the housewife during the reunion.


For the first 20 minutes of the reunion, the discussion centers around LeeAnne’s wedding festivities. Andy brings up the topic of the housewife not serving food for her guests during the wedding party and having a long five-hour gap between the wedding and reception.
When LeeAnne tries being coy with Andy and says that the gap is due to the production team needing a break between the events for their food, the producer busts it by telling her “that’s not true”. He also reminds her that they shot many wedding as part of the ‘Real Housewives’ series. He constantly kept taking digs at the housewife, and busting every excuse that the housewife came up with throughout the reunion.



Fans were left feeling overjoyed to see the usually gentle Andy, coming at LeeAnne so strongly.

A fan tweeted, “ANDY HATES LEEANNE AND I’M HERE FOR IT.  #rhod”. Another fan wrote, “Andy calling out LeeAnne is EVERYTHING 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #RHOD”. “Andy’s shade 😂😂😭 he has not let a single person (leeanne) play victim at all #rhod”, shared another fan.
“Thank you @Andy for calling LeeAnne out on that BS ... she calculated that roommate bullshit. @karybrittingham is the host. She makes the rules. She tried and steamrolled her. #RHOD she should have pulled Katy aside and handled it 💯 better”, pointed out a fan.

Another fan said, “@Andy calling Leeanne out and shooting her down with just about everything so far at this reunion. And we haven’t even gotten to the racism yet. #rhod”.

“I’m straight up salivating over Andy’s “I don’t fuck with you” energy that he is showing LeeAnne tonight #RHOD #BravoTV”, observed a fan. Another fan wrote, “@Andy is having no part of LeeAnne’s deflection— and I am totally here for it. #RHOd #RHODReunion”. “This is the best! I am living for @Andy putting a postage stamp on Leeanne's ass! #RHOD”, echoed another fan.
You can watch the part 2 of the ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ season 4 reunion on January 8 at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.


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