'Real Housewives of Dallas': Fans want LeeAnne Locken fired for racist remarks against Kary Brittingham

'Real Housewives of Dallas': Fans want LeeAnne Locken fired for racist remarks against Kary Brittingham
LeeAnne Locken (Source : Getty Images)

LeeAnne Locken has a problem with words, and can't seem to choose them wisely when in a fit of rage. The latest episode of 'Real Housewives of Dallas' showed how things went south in a matter of seconds when LeeAnne chose to make a racist remark about Kary Brittingham's ethnicity. Interestingly, this wasn't the first time that LeeAnne went this low. Guess not all of us learn from our mistakes, now do we?

The housewives are on a perfect girls' trip to Thailand. From shopping, eating, visiting a sanctuary, to experiencing a live ladyboy show, they were having a good time until LeeAnne decided to be a buzzkill with her unnecessary comments. Even though it wasn't as hyped up as it should have been, Kameron Westcott tweeted confirming that the next episode will feature reactions from castmates. 

Previously, LeeAnne collected sympathy votes when D'Andra Simmons and Kary tried pulling a joke on her. D'Andra wore a dress (designed by LeeAnne) only to make fun of how it all looked. It did upset LeeAnne and she was quick to make a major scene out of it, making Kary and D'Andra feel extremely apologetic. However, even then she did drop a nasty comment about Kary's background and her being a Mexican. 

If LeeAnne doesn't let go of this track, it might be over for her soon because fans are in no mood to accept her racist slurs.

''LeeAnne needs to be fired. The bitch has psychological issues that need to not be on national television because it only exacerbates them. I’ve had it. #RHOD,'' one of the social media users vented. While another wrote: "My sentiments exactly. It’s a crucial season of #RHOD in terms of coming back or getting canceled, and bigoted LeeAnne is single-handedly destroying one of my favorite franchises. #GoodbyeLeeAnne #CancelLeeAnne #FireLeeAnne"

So, what do you think will happen in the coming episodes. Will LeeAnne apologize to Kary or will they bury the hatchet and move on in life, focus on enjoying their trip together for a change?

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