‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Fans suspect Emily’s husband Shane is having an affair after he reportedly failed to clear bar exam

Shane Simpson's poor treatment of his wife Emily and the news that he failed the California bar exam, has fans convinced that he might be having an affair.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Fans suspect Emily’s husband Shane is having an affair after he reportedly failed to clear bar exam

RHOC Housewife Emily Simpson continues to battle her marital issues in episode six which aired on September 10. The previous episode saw Shane returning home after giving his bar exam. Emily who was on a day trip of Beverly Hills with her girls cut short her trip to welcome and spend time with her husband, Shane. Unfortunately for Emily, Shane seemed least interested in Emily and more concerned about the house being clean and having his dinner ready on the table.

The sixth episode saw Emily still trying to get Shane to pay attention to her, while Shane was being his usual cold self. The mother of three was excited to show Shane her dancing shoes which she picked up for her burlesque performance in Vegas. Shane passed a snide remark that the shoes look like the shoes from “wicked witch of the west”. While Emily repeatedly requested Shane to sit with her and talk to her, Shane seemed hesitant but finally sat at a good arm’s distance away from Emily. It seemed like he’d rather be doing anything but talk to Emily. As Emily tried to initiate small talk with her husband, he gave her curt responses. When Emily reminded him that she’d be leaving for Vegas soon and asked him if he will look after the kids, Shane put on a deadpan expression and told her just the opposite. 

Shane and Emily Simpson (Twitter)

He then began fiddling with his phone when Emily finally snapped and asked him to listen to her while she’s talking. She expressed how the couple have a problem with communication and that they need to find a way to communicate better. Shane told Emily that he could focus better because he was away from home while preparing for his bar exam. Emily acknowledged that and suggested that they express their thoughts and feelings better rather than harboring resentful thoughts and feelings towards each other. Shane then coldly says that he doesn’t think Emily has any problem with expressing her feelings.

Shane and Emily Simpson with their children (Instagram)

The way Shane is treating Emily has fans convinced that he is cheating on her. A fan tweeted, “Emily's husband's behavior leads me to believe he's cheating on her. He's acting disconnected, is dismissive, and is short with his answers. He doesn't seem excited to see her which makes it look like he has already checked out of the marriage. #RHOC”. Even when Emily clearly told Shane that she was feeling disrespected and doesn’t like his condescending tone, Shane doesn’t seem to be bothered in fixing it. A fan wrote, “#rhoc Emily open your eyes! Have more respect for yourself then allowing that to walk all over you. Do you need him to bring her to your house to admit that he's cheating on you? Hire a detective catch him in the act!!”

These rumors appear to be getting stronger as Radar Online recently reported that several sources have confirmed to them that Shane didn’t pass the California Bar Exam in February. Shane’s excuse the whole time for being such a terrible husband and a person was his “preparation for the bar exam”. He moved out of the house, checked into a hotel, went for nearly 10 days without having any contact with his family, all in the name of studying hard for his exam. His “hard work and efforts” seem to have gone futile, as he didn’t make the cut. This leads us to wonder, what was Shane up to while claiming to be “preparing for exam”.

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