'RHOC' Season 15 Reunion Spoilers: Kelly Dodd compares masks to underwear, asks 'do pants protect from fart?'

While declaring her hatred for wearing face masks, Kelly Dodd questioned the effectiveness of them for preventing the spread of Covid-19

                            'RHOC' Season 15 Reunion Spoilers: Kelly Dodd compares masks to underwear, asks 'do pants protect from fart?'
Kelly Dodd (Bravo)

If you thought Kelly Dodd would have learned by now about the magnitude of Covid-19 pandemic, and how it turned the world upside down, you'd be completely wrong. After making several controversial statements about the deadly virus, both on and off camera, the housewife still seems to harbor some pretty strong opinions about the virus and the pandemic.

In the recently released sneak peek clip by Bravo of Season 15 reunion of 'Real Housewives of Orange County', we see the housewife having another one of her infamous foot in the mouth situation. During the reunion, we see host Andy Cohen asking Kelly a question from the audience. Andy asks her if she took the Covid-19 pandemic seriously, as many fans felt that she wasn't entirely serious about it. Kelly began by acknowledging that she made some rather insensitive remarks about the virus, and apologized for it. She even expressed her condolences to the families who lost their loved ones to the deadly virus. Kelly then added that she did take the pandemic seriously in her own way.

When Andy brought up her frequent flying across the country in the first six weeks of the lockdown, the housewife agreed that she did take many trips, but tried defending it by claiming that she flew to New York to help her fiance with the construction of his house, and was handling her personal business. Finally, Andy touched on the subject of face masks. Thanks to the pandemic, face masks have become a necessity and an integral part of everyone's life. Although it is advised to wear a mask as a preventive measure against the virus, Kelly appears to be one of the many people who are against wearing masks.


Kelly declared that she hated wearing masks, but will wear one because she is required to. She then went on to question the efficacy of masks, by comparing it to panties. In an analogy that raised the brows of her fellow housewives, she questioned, "Does your pants protect you from a fart?", while wondering if masks really helped in preventing the spread of the virus. Only Emily Simpson burst out laughing at Kelly's analogy, while all the other housewives looked either annoyed or shocked at the housewife's ignorance.

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