'RHOC': 'Drunk Housewives Matter' hat to declaring she hates Black men, 5 times Kelly Dodd sparked controversy

If you thought Kelly Dodd's casual attitude towards Covid-19 was bad, then check this list out to see top 5 controversial moments of the reality star

                            'RHOC': 'Drunk Housewives Matter' hat to declaring she hates Black men, 5 times Kelly Dodd sparked controversy
Kelly Dodd (Getty Images)

Controversy's favorite child aka Kelly Dodd, has time and again managed to ruffle quite a few feathers with her entitled and tone-deaf statements and actions. From her most recent social media post that featured her wearing a hat that reads "Drunk Housewives Matter" at her bachelorette party, to her infamous statement about hating black guys and not knowing any of them. Here are the top 5 controversial things Kelly Dodd has said or done. 

Drunk Wives Matter hat

While enjoying her bachelorette celebrations, ahead of getting married to her FOX News reporter fiance, Rick Leventhal, the reality star took to her social media to post a selfie of herself wearing a hat that reads "Drunk Housewives Matter". As soon as Kelly posted the picture, she received immense backlash for mocking the "Black Lives Matter" movement with her insensitive hat. When a friend gently tried to point to her that her hat might be insensitive, she replied, "No it’s not I’m on the housewives it’s a play on words its funny come on." As she began getting more harsh comments from her followers, Kelly continued to defend her hat by writing, " “People think I’m mocking BLM that hat was made well before the pandemic. I’m not mocking BLM I support them. why are people so sensitive?” Talk about being tone-deaf! 

Insensitive remarks about Covid-19

While the entire world was practicing social distancing and quarantining, Kelly Dodd not only flouted all these rules by frequently jet-setting across the country but also made some rather scathing remarks about the deadly virus. In an episode of 'RHOC' Kelly can be heard comparing Covid-19 to a flu and wondering why people were freaking out about it. In another instance, she tweeted her theory about how the virus was "God's way of thinning the herd". Needless to say, Kelly was slammed by everybody for her extremely insensitive remarks, and how they can be hurtful for the families of people who lost their lives to the virus.

Kelly Dodd attends the DailyMail.com and DailyMailTV 2019 holiday party at Cathedrale at Moxy Hotel on December 4, 2019, in New York City. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for DailyMail.com)

Casual attitude towards Covid-19

When it came to following safety protocols during Covid-19, Kelly seemed to be following Donald Trump's footsteps. The housewife was notorious for not wearing mask, and frequently flying around. When several concerned fans expressed to her that they wished she was a bit more cautious, Kelly responded with, "I’m responsible never been sick !! And traveled the world it’s a 99% recovery people of [sic] you aren’t compromised it’s a super flu not a death sentence!”  

'I don't like Black guys'

In an old TMZ video, that began doing rounds on social media, the 'RHOC' star can be seen saying that she "doesn't like black guys", while stepping out of a club. She added, "I don't even know any black guys." Although Kelly later issued an apology for her ignorant remarks, nobody was ready to buy it. "There is no excuse for bad behavior or comments that offend anyone. That video does not represent who I really am and I apologize for acting irresponsibly," said Kelly. When Bravo fired Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute of 'Vanderpump Rules' fame for their racist behavior towards a former co-star, several fans began demanding for the firing of Kelly too for her blatantly racist statement.

Playing on Vicki Gunvalson's insecurities

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson attend WE tv's LOVE BLOWS Premiere Event at Flamingo Rum Club at Flamingo Rum Club on August 16, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Getty Images)

Kelly and Vicki's friendship was quite strained during Season 12 reunion of 'RHOC'. Vicki accused Kelly of being addicted to cocaine. Kelly obviously didn'ta take the accusations well, but tried her best to explain to Vicki that it wasn't true. Once the reunion's filming was done, Kelly got her claws out and preyed upon Vicki's insecurities. She sent a rather vicious and nasty text to Vicki, with a talking pig emoji. Kelly is also notorious for body-shaming and name-calling her fellow housewives on the show. 

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