'RHOC' Season 15: Fans refuse to buy Shane Simpson's 'redemption arc' after watching his awkward kiss with Emily

Despite Emily's claims that Shane and she are better than ever, fans refuse to buy it

                            'RHOC' Season 15: Fans refuse to buy Shane Simpson's 'redemption arc' after watching his awkward kiss with Emily
Emily and Shane Simpson (Bravo)

It takes quite some awful behavior to earn the infamous title of "worst husband" on the 'Real Housewives' franchise, but 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Emily Simpson's husband, Shane Simpson, seemed to have no trouble to earn it.

The previous season featured Shane treating Emily awfully with his snide remarks and indifferent attitude. After receiving quite some harsh criticism from fans for his terrible behavior towards his wife, Shane surprised everyone by being really nice to her during the reunion

Shane ended the season with a promise to treat Emily better, so we were looking forward to seeing if he held on to his promise when Season 15 of 'RHOC' premiered. We saw the couple head out to a restaurant to celebrate their 11th anniversary together. In her green room interview, Emily reminisces about how the previous year was quite rough for the couple but feels proud that they got through it. Shane can be seen asking Emily how he was towards her in the past six months, the housewife then begins singing praises of her husband.

Emily thanks him for being kind and supportive of her, and how he hasn't left her side and was very helpful after her hip replacement surgery. Shane looked quite happy after hearing his wife complimenting him. In a moment of passion, Emily leans forward to kiss Shane, but he just stares at her awkwardly until she tells him that she leaned in to give him a peck. Shane then awkwardly gives her a kiss with his eyes wide open and immediately pulls away from her. 

Fans were almost convinced that Shane had changed and was being good to Emily until they saw his awkward kiss with Emily. After watching the kiss, fans are convinced that he hasn't changed much and are refusing to believe that things have changed much between the couple. A fan tweeted, "NOT HERE FOR A SHANE REDEMPTION ARC EMILY #RHOC #BravoTV," while another wrote, "This "See?! Shane Is Not A Horrible Myopic Psychopath!" scene has gone on far too long. Nobody is buying this. #RHOC." 




Fans also tweeted about Shane and Emily's awkward kiss. A fan commented, "Watching emily fail to get a kiss from shane after leaning in, while saying that they are better then ever seems sketch.. #RHOC," while another wrote, "#rhoc is weird because Shane clearly doesn’t love Emily and it’s f***ing awkward. Like girl he kissed you with his eyes open?" Another fan declared, "Shane not kissing Emily reminds me why I hate him. #rhoc."







'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 15 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c only on Bravo. 

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