'RHOC' housewife Kelly Dodd apologizes after she likens coronavirus to flu, but fans are not buying it

'This is the second time you’ve been offensive regarding Covid,' said a fan

                            'RHOC' housewife Kelly Dodd apologizes after she likens coronavirus to flu, but fans are not buying it
Kelly Dodd (Getty Images)

Kelly Dodd has once again managed to rile up everybody with her insensitive comments about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While the whole world is anxiously cooped inside their houses wondering about how long this pandemic would continue to plague us, the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star is busy making insensitive statements and flouting social distancing rules by frequently flying across the country.
During an Instagram live session, last week, the reality star compared the deadly virus to the flu. In the video we see a friend of the housewife telling her that the number of deaths in New York was rising with about 250 deaths per day. The 44-year old-reality star then responded to her friend’s observation by comparing it to flu. She said, “But how many people die on a daily basis? … Well, people are going to die! I’m sorry to tell ya.”

Kelly’s insensitive attitude about the deaths and her unapologetic behavior had fans fuming at her. She, however, didn’t respond to any of the criticism, until today. She posted an apology on her Twitter page. She wrote, “I’m so sorry if I offended anyone regarding the Coronavirus. Like millions of Americans, I’m frustrated and longing for the way things were but I absolutely empathize with those who’ve lost loved ones..”

But fans are having a tough time buying her apology. Considering this isn’t the first time that the housewife has made such insensitive statements about the virus. In the past, she made a remark about how coronavirus is ‘God’s way of thinning the herd’.

A fan clapped back at her with the tweet, “No you don’t you have made these type of comments numerous times. You have also continued to travel & use tests like they’re infinite. You have shown contempt for others who may NEED ppl to isolate..again feck off.” Another fan wrote, “Stop saying offensive things then. This is the second time you’ve been offensive regarding Covid.”

“I'm one of the ones who you don't care if they die tho because I'm immunocompromised, you should really think long and hard about all this bullshit you've been posting. Its really messed up. Until you lose somebody you won't get it,” expressed a disappointed fan. “How many times have you apologized Kelly “I don’t like black guys” Dodd? Yet you continue to do it over and over again, trash through and through but we already knew the lowlife you were before your first second on the show,” declared a fan.

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