'RHOC' alum Kelly Dodd mocks Heather Dubrow by calling her 'Dylan' and claiming she has an 'eggplant'

'RHOC' alum Kelly Dodd mocks Heather Dubrow by calling her 'Dylan' and claiming she has an 'eggplant'
'RHOC' alum Kelly Dodd mocked Heather Dubrow recently (Instagram/@kellyddodd and Getty Images)

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Kelly Dodd, the former star of 'Real Housewives of Orange County', just can't seem to stay away from the spotlight. Even though she got kicked off the show, she's still making waves with her outrageous antics. Brace yourself for the latest drama! She just can't seem to keep her mouth shut, especially when it comes to her ongoing feud with fellow cast member Heather Dubrow. In a recent social media post, Kelly took her insults to a whole new level.

She went after Heather, calling her "Dylan", referring to Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok personality who shares their gender transition journey online. She even made a crude comment about an 'eggplant' being hidden in her pants. Naturally, the internet was quick to react to these outrageous statements and people everywhere called Kelly out for her unacceptable transphobic behavior. 


Kelly Dodd throws transphobic punch after being cut out of 'RHOC' cast photo by Heather Dubrow

Look at Adam's apple': Kelly Dodd mocks 'RHOC' co-star Heather Dubrow and her children in social media rant

Kelly Dodd takes a jab at Heather Dubrow

Kelly, known for her controversial remarks, is at it again in her infamous 'Daily Smash' series. This time, she set her sights on none other than Heather and she didn't hold back. he captioned the clip, "Heather’s secrets revealed?? Watch our Daily Smash on YouTube for much more!!!"


Kelly started off by proudly declaring that she had obtained a photo of the housewives, courtesy of her loyal fans. But instead of simply sharing the picture, she quickly honed in on Heather, who was smack in the middle of the frame. With a mischievous smile, Kelly continued her attack, zooming in on Heather's crotch area and making a tasteless comment. She exclaimed, "Look, it's Heather running, and it looks like she's got an eggplant!" But Kelly wasn't done yet. In an attempt to add fuel to the fire, she then presented a collage of pictures featuring both Dylan and Heather. Confusion was the name of the game as she asked her fans, "Is this Dylan or is this Heather? I had to ask because now it's getting really confusing." It's clear that Kelly is determined to keep the drama alive and kicking even after being fired from 'RHOC'.



'This is way out of line Kelly'

When Kelly made those offensive comments about Heather and Dylan, social media users blasted her brutally. They immediately stepped up and called her out for her inappropriate behavior. One said, "This is so mean girl high school crap !!! Not 40ish + grown ass women !!! Just sad !"

Another added, "This podcast is desperate for ratings. Simply sickening. Grasping whatever conspiracy you can for content. Get a job!" One even pointed out, "This is not a good look for you." One said, "You really are obsessed with Heather. You have so much going on in your life. Why be so hateful? This is such a reach"


Another user said, "Kelly seriously needs rehab. This is terrifying. How is she raising a child when she's s**t faced 24/7. So sad." One user's comment really stood out from the rest. They said, "OMG, I took a break from your IG but I guess I'm gonna have to take a longer break because you're still obsessed with Heather, good lord woman move on, your acting just like a jealous spoiled bully, grow up!" 

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 'RHOC' alum Kelly Dodd launches offensive attack on Heather Dubrow as she calls her 'Dylan' with an 'eggplant'