'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kyle roped in Brandi to dig up dirt on Denise, say fans

'RHOBH' fans are convinced Kyle got back at Denise for dragging her down in front of everybody

                            'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kyle roped in Brandi to dig up dirt on Denise, say fans
Denise Richards, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards (Getty Images)

The usually mild and gentle Denise Richards finally turned on the heat on OG housewife Kyle Richards on the latest episode of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'. The previous episode saw Kyle creating a huge scene at Denise’s dinner party over Dorit Kemsley turning in late to Teddi Mellencamp’s retreat. Although Dorit claimed that she was late because she was running some errands, Kyle was convinced that Dorit was late because she was spending hours getting glammed up. For some reason, Dorit turning up at the retreat looking like a supermodel irked Kyle to no end.
In the middle of all the drama, Denise wasn’t happy with the way her fellow housewives were conducting themselves in front of her children. Kyle also made a rather offensive statement about Denise’s looks saying that her hair usually looked like "ragamuffin". Despite hearing Kyle’s rude comments, Denise chose to keep quiet. But she finally snapped at Kyle and called her out for being so bothered by everyone’s glam. The two ladies got into a heated argument.
Denise set the record straight in her green room interview by declaring, "I am f***ing Denise Richards, Kyle." She later added that she has been on the cover of every magazine the housewives could possibly think of and wish they were on it. While fans were thrilled to see Denise drag Kyle, they also realized that Kyle might be the brains behind bringing Brandi Glanville back on the show.

After watching Kyle being put in her place by Denise, fans believe that Kyle brought in Brandi to do her biddings against Denise. Brandi left everybody shocked when she revealed that she had an affair with Denise for several months. Things get so intense later in the season between Denise and the other housewives due to Brandi’s allegations that Denise quit filming the show in December 2019.


A fan tweeted, “As of this day forward I am a Denise Richards Stan!!! She is bringing it and I am loving it!! No wonder Kyle had to bring Brandi on!! and I don’t think it’s going to go the way Kyle thinks. #RHOBH.” Another fan wrote, “NOW WE KNOW WHY BRANDI IS BACK. Fighting Kyle’s battle w Denise. #rhobh.”

“Kyle can’t stand that Denise is on to her fakeness and antics, I can see why she is welcoming Brandi with open arms back to the show to do dirty work for her #RHOBH,” observed another fan.
“At this point I think it’s evident that Kyle had one problem with Denise and called Brandi to bring up dirt on Denise. She’s so transparent lol. Snake #Snake #RHOBH,” pointed out a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts, “You can tell Kyle is already plotting to take down Denise by this episode... cue Brandi’s entrance #RHOBH.”

“This is why Kyle needed to bring in Brandi as backup! Couldn’t handle Denise on her own! #RHOBH,” expressed a fan. “So the second and not a moment later Kyle had ONE problem with Denise she called in Brandi and y’all still don’t see she’s the problem and has ALWAYS been the manipulative b***h SMH #RHOBH,” shared a fan.
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